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Why does your Chippy need Finance?

For chip shops, having secure finances and looking after the bottom line is your priority, more so now than ever. This means making sure that your cash flow is strong and your money goes further, to ensure you can carry on trading and making a profit, whilst keeping costs down. As we all know, this isn’t as easy as it sounds, and unexpected circumstances often dictate what comes in and goes out of your business. This makes it your priority as a chippy owner to balance the books and make smart decisions for your business.

We work with chip shop owners who want to increase their revenue, keep costs down and keep customers happy, which can be a tough balancing act, however the benefits of financing or leasing, whether it’s a new frying range, fridges or a loan, can all contribute to achieving these aims. Take a look at some good reasons to use finance for your chippy.

Cash is King

It’s important to have money in the bank for rainy days, emergencies and unexpected events. Cash is king and this is something to live by. By using finance for your next piece of equipment, to invest or to improve your food, you can keep the cash in your bank and keep your cash flow strong. Regular monthly payments are more manageable and allow you to maintain a healthy bank balance, ensuring your business is strong in the long-term and can operate as you need it to. This means you can take your business to the next level, without worrying about your bottom line.

Afford Quality

Financing your new asset or piece of equipment, or taking a loan to secure that piece of kit, gives you the ability to afford the best quality. Your chip shop relies on having repeat custom, and keeping your customers happy, so by increasing the quality of your fryers and fridges, you can continue to improve. With more purchasing power you can improve your existing equipment or bring in brand new equipment, this allows you to improve quality without touching your cash reserves or having to save up, as this could end up costing your fish and chip shop revenue in the long-term.

Increase Revenue

Using finance to secure new, better quality or more equipment can help to increase the range of products on your menu, increase your capacity to then cope with increased demand and volume of sales. By utilising different means of finance you can take your chippy to the next level, offering more products, a wider range of products and good quality products to keep business moving, as demand increases you need to increase your output to meet demands and generate more revenue. This can’t be done standing still, as you know, you need to keep equipment up to date and efficient to support your chip shop.

Decrease Costs

This also means that you can decrease costs, by having higher quality and more efficient equipment, with lower running and maintenance costs. Your profit margins will be improved, as costs will decrease as a result of having reliable equipment, and revenue is increased through the improved quality and output of the new equipment. The more efficient your fryers are, the more they provide good food for your customers, by using quality fryers you can produce more and waste less, costing you less. Overall this will allow you to maintain high quality in the long term whilst operating at a profit, which we know is the number one rule.

These are just four ways finance can help your business, helping you to make money, save money, spend money sensibly whilst keeping money too. It gives you unlimited options to grow and improve your business, keep you financially in the black and keep your customers happy.

If you are interested in a chip shop loan, equipment or asset finance, or any other financial products for your business, get in touch with our team, contact us at 0161 429 6949 or

The takeaway and restaurant in Brae, Shetland, retained its maximum Three Star Food Made Good rating from the SRA, “an exceptional achievement” according to the association.

Frankie’s 100 per cent scores in both the sustainable fish and fair trade categories were highlighted in the Food Made Good report.

“This is attributed to Frankie’s Fish & Chips ensuring that 98% of the fish on its menu are MSC certified, ensuring that its suppliers are aware of its fish buying policy, and for sourcing coffee, tea, chocolate and sugar that is produced to standards that incorporate fair trade criteria,” the assessment says.

“The SRA also commends Frankie’s Fish & Chips for purchasing vegetables from British farms for the majority of the year, and for supplementing this with produce from its own garden when available.”

The SRA helps restaurants source food more sustainably, manage resources more efficiently and work more closely with their communities.

Frankie’s manager Carlyn Kearney said: “Ninety-eight per cent of the fish we sell comes from sustainable stocks, with our haddock, mussels, scallops and crab all MSC-accredited.

“We are also very pleased that the SRA has recognised our efforts when it comes to fair trade. These things are important to us and to our customers.

“There are of course areas where we can still improve, and we will be working with the SRA to do just that for the rest of this year and beyond.”

 Frankie’s also scored high marks for treating people fairly, thanks to its comprehensive training scheme for staff, visits to fish and shellfish producers and encouraging staff to take part in its charity cycle sportive.

Meanwhile, Frankie’s has also retained its Taste Our Best award from the national tourism body VisitScotland in recognition of its promotion of local food produce.

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