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Could robots make great chip friers? – Amazing video suggest yes.

Updated: May 10, 2023

Karakuri announces that Nando’s completes first trial of FRYR210 automated fry line 

Could Robots take over the fryer in the future, and deliver the perfect chips everytime? Whilst it may still seems a long way off especially in a traditional chippy one chain has been finding out if it is indeed possible!

Karakuri, the company revolutionising quick service and fast casual restaurants with intelligent kitchen automation, has announced Nando’s, the multinational fast casual restaurant group, has been the first to trial its /FRYR automated fry line in order to deliver the perfect chips in its Park Royal restaurant. Karakuri is on a journey to use revolutionary technology to deliver the highest quality and consistency of the world’s favourite side-dish – chips.

Cameron Roberts, Group Chief Operating Officer at Nando’s, said, “At Nando’s, we want to deliver uplifting and memorable experiences for our customers, with delicious quality food and good value at the heart. In testing Karakuri’s /FRYR, we wanted to see how we can further improve the quality, consistency, and availability of our chips, while meeting our environmental objectives of reducing food and oil waste and reducing energy consumption.”

Barney Wragg, Karakuri’s CEO and founder, added, “The QSR and Fast Casual market is driven by finding fresh, new ways to deliver an exceptional customer experience that keep consumers coming back for more. Chips are key to a restaurant’s success, both in terms of customer satisfaction and brand consistency. Our /FRYR product range is representative of how new technology can support every restaurant’s mission to improve their service in ways that were impossible five years ago.”

Karakuri is revolutionising restaurant kitchens with intelligent kitchen automation. /FRYR210 is Karakuri’s first automated fry line and combines innovations in hardware and software to ensure increased throughput, consistency, and quality – from freezer to scoop.

/FRYR210 combines robotics, edge computing, and hyperscale data analysis to provide restaurants with optimal production of up to 550 portions of chips per hour. Further information on /FRYR is available at

Watch the amazing Robot footage here

About Karakuri

Karakuri is revolutionising Quick Service (QSR) and Fast Casual restaurants with intelligent, robotic kitchen automation. Karakuri brings together food, people, and robotics to deliver unprecedented levels of quality, consistency, and efficiency to restaurant kitchens. Our compact, modular designs fit seamlessly into existing kitchen layouts with little to no interruption in operations. Our unique Performance/Partnership business model equips customers with all the real-time data and insights needed to ensure positive ROI, month after month.

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