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Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Kismet Kebabs Launch New Vegan Kebab!

Over the past decade, there has become an undeniable shift towards Vegan and Plant-based foods. Traditional food lifestyles are being challenged and consumers are now on the search for new and healthy meat free alternatives.

History Meets Innovation

UK-based kebab supplier Kismet Kebabs Ltd and thousands of other food outlets have chosen to embrace the change in lifestyle. By combining their high quality and successful product development, now everyone can enjoy delicious kebabs no matter your lifestyle choice.

Not only are Kismet developing meat free alternatives, but through innovative developments, they are making positive contributions towards sustainability and aiding towards building a more environmentally friendly world.

As the UK’s best Kebab Supplier, Kismet continually strives for excellence and focuses their efforts in ensuring that their products cater for all. In addition to their extensive range of kebabs, they are offering a wide variety of meat free options including their NEW Vegan Pre-Cooked Kebabs.

Kismet Kebabs are also proud to announce that our Kismet Vegan Pre-cooked & Sliced Kebab is now officially registered and certified with the Vegan Society.

Join The Kismet Plant-based Revolution.

 Kismet Kebabs NEW Vegan & Plant Based Range includes:

  1. Kismet Vegan Pre-cooked & Sliced Kebab

  2. Kismet Plant-Based Kebab

  3. Kismet Plant-Based Anatolian Chick*n Gyros strips

  4. Kismet Plant-Based Plain Chick*n Gyros strips

Optimise your Vegan or Plant-Based menu with Kismet by visiting: or alternatively contact your local distributor for further information

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