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You should be appy! Takeaway delivery meltdown predicted tonight

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The 2022 Love Island final tonight is set to be the busiest night of the year for takeaway orders – with experts predicting a staggering 500% surge in sales.

The final episode of the hit ITV2 dating show will air at 9pm this evening.

While viewers will be hungry for drama, it is also predicted they’ll be hungry for pizza, burgers, Chinese, Fish & Chips and Indian food as well.

The brains behind innovative food tech company, Foodhub, have compared data from last year’s Love Island finale and predicted this year’s will be the busiest takeaway ordering night of 2022 so far, with an increase of orders expected nationwide.

As a result, restaurant and takeaway owners are being urged to prepare for the increased demand, with order numbers predicted to surge by 500%.

Ardian Mula, Foodhub CEO, said: “Love Island is a cultural phenomenon, its viewing figures are on par with huge sporting events – and fans of the show love their takeaways.

“Tonight, food fans across the country will be ordering takeaways, and our data highlights why we fully expect it will be the busiest night of the year.

“With so many hungry reality show fans expected to place an order, we are urging restaurants to begin preparing for the extra demand.

“And where our customers are concerned, so they’re not waiting for their food to arrive, we have a pre-ordering tool on our app – meaning they can be even more prepared and order their food for the exact time they want to eat!”

Foodhub data suggests orders will peak around an hour before the final, as ravenous Love Island fans look to secure their takeaways in time for the 9pm start.

The food tech company is braced to receive 50 orders per second between 7:45pm and 8:45pm – meaning restaurants across the nation will be swamped.

Fish and chips, pizza, burgers, and fried chicken, are set to be the most in demand takeaway dishes, closely followed by Chinese and Indian food.

By region, Foodhub research suggests Birminghamrecently crowned takeaway capital of the UK, will be the busiest city for ordering takeaways.

The expected order surge is partly to do with the demographics associated with Love Island viewership and takeaway ordering – people in their 20s and 30s.

Elsewhere, a record number of viewers have tuned into the show this year and market data shows Monday to be one of the busiest takeaway nights of the week, as people finish their first day back at work and do not want to cook, so this further supports the predicted order surge.

Ardian added: “We are a nation of takeaway lovers, and the Love Island finale exemplifies this!”

For further information, please visit the Foodhub website here:

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