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Two Wise Men Make it a Merry Chipmas in Shap!

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Chippy brings Children a Shappy Christmas

The team at Shap Chippy are giving back this Christmas by supporting Cumbrian Children’s Hospice, Jigsaw, by setting up a Gifting Tree in their award winning Chippy!

It’s such a simple and effective idea, they have name tags hanging from the Christmas tree set up in the shop where customers can take a name, buy a present for that child and place it under the tree ready for Santa to deliver to the children ready for Christmas.

Jigsaw provides hands-on nursing care and support to babies, children and young people with life limiting illnesses and complex healthcare needs.  This is either through short term respite care, or end of life care. These children and their families would greatly appreciate the community’s support, especially during these very trying times.

‘The team is collecting between themselves and their families too to donate what they can. We want to encourage anyone who can donate, to please join us to bring smiles and Shappiness to Children across Cumbria this Christmas. If there are any other business owners out there who would like to join our cause by getting involved or donating please get in touch with us’ Said Matt, Co-Owner Shap Chippy.

The owners, Matt and Ashley Phillips, have also added a digital donation option to their website where customers can purchase donations ranging from £5-£20, which purchase special sessions for these children to experience things they would never be able to without the help of Jigsaw.

‘We know these are hard times, and with Covid lockdowns heading into this Christmas is going to be tough for a lot of families out there. This is our way of giving back where we can and giving others who can donate to a great cause the ability to do so.’ Said Ashley, Co-Owner Shap Chippy.

For more information please contact Shap Chippy through their social media channels or via email

What are you planning to do in your shop for Christmas this year? Email

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