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They’re the Cod’s…..

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Austen Dack

Recently I took a trip to Wollaton on the outskirts of Nottingham. It was to visit the UK’s NO1 shop The Cod’s Scallops.

I was joined by Nortech’s Alan Hackett and Leanne Green to find out just how the shop had reached the pinnacle of the trade and to talk to owner John Molnar.

I was intent on having fish and chips, but the variety of fish on offer goes way beyond your normal cod & haddock. With over 20 different fish on the menu the shop also acts as a local fishmonger too.

If you don’t want deep fried (they use Nortech Superior beef dripping) – then oven baked, or pan fried looks worth trying. Leanne had the Salmon which she said was divine.

A nice salad (again various to choose from) is also an option to their fabulous chips and side orders include samphire. We went for the home-made fish soup, to start which was full of flavour

The Cod’s Scallops netted the highly coveted crown for the best fish and chip shop in the UK in January. Our visit was to see how things had sunk in since that fantastic day

AD How are things since your win just six weeks ago?

JM – Amazing, both for the whole Cod’s Scallops team and our local customers. We have also become a destination too for many who like to try the best shop in the UK! Obviously this has stalled at the moment with the lockdown.

AD What are you looking forward to over the next 12 months?

JM – Sharing our knowledge and the lessons learnt (John is a trainer at KFE & the NFFF) and also enjoying all the trips and press visits that come from winning

AD How long have you been using Superior for your batter and why?

JM – Since 2011. We tested the market and we couldn’t beat Superior. It’s the taste that makes all the difference plus it delivers every time without fault.

Would you encourage others to enter the awards?

“Our experience in The National Fish & Chip Awards has been an incredible journey and we’ve loved every minute of it. It’s a brilliant achievement for the team at the Cod’s Scallops and we are so proud of everyone for their efforts.

“Entering the awards has taught us so much about our business as well as the fish and chip industry and we would encourage other operators to get involved. We want to thank everyone who has supported us along the way as well as our customers who we value beyond measure. Without them buying fish and chips every week, we wouldn’t be here.”

We will be back to talk to John over the course of the year but from what I have seen the award was merited, and the shop a credit to him & the team. Take a visit yourselves to see just how much they offer in what is a relatively small retail unit

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