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A Day to Remembur!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

The Legend’s Return at Byron Burger

By Austen Dack

As the publisher of one of Britain’s top takeaway platforms I often get asked to try other options aside from fish and chips. On a recent visit to Ipswich (combined with a trip to watch the Tractor Boys) myself and my son James visited Byron Burger in Ipswich.

It was my first trip Byron and It would be an interesting one to see how they rate on price, service and of course taste. The chain who has reduced in size since the pandemic and cost surge we have all felt in the last eighteen months has recently launched a campaign to bring back some of its favourites – my quest was to taste their returning Run Rarebit Run burger!

Well, the Run Rarebit Run Burger, not only boasted all the deliciousness of a juicy burger but also had the benefit of an oozy Rarebit cheese melt on top…not good if you have a white shirt on! It was a juicy 6oz British beef patty, with smoked bacon, covered in the trademark oozy Rarebit cheese melt, pickled cucumbers, red onion and mustard mayo. I am glad the waitress persuaded me to have it medium-cooked too, the beef sure was tasty. At £13.95 it was good value & Rarebit-that beloved Welsh dish – always great on toast and tasted even better on a burger!

The Byron 6 oz patty is made with grass-fed beef and packed full of a bespoke blend of minced Angus, Charolais & Hereford prime beef forequarter cuts. The result is a fantastic, signature burger that is high in flavour, succulence, tenderness, and richness. Sourced from Red Tractor accredited farms using a completely sustainable process to produce the meat.

James went for a Byronoffee Shake to go with his burger. With generous scoops of vanilla ice cream blended with fresh banana and caramel sauce. It was topped with an indulgent swirl of cream and caramel sauce. I had the excellent Byron craft beer, which was light, fruity, even a little citrusy & goes well with a burger. We both added on the house special skin on fries sprinkled with salt and special spices.

With 12 restaurants across the UK and widely available via Deliveroo, Byron is taking the brand back to its roots, to its cheeky, chappy self. Celebrating consumers’ all-encompassing love for burgers, especially ones that get the taste buds tingling, ones that combine complimenting ingredients, and all-round, evoke joy, delight and pure indulgence!

The staff at Ipswich were knowledgeable, caring and punctual. The décor is individual in each restaurant and pleasing to the eye and comfortable too.

Afterwards we did a tour of Portman Rd and then saw Ipswich beat Port Vale (an Ed Sheeran v Robbie Williams grudge match). Thankfully we came out 2-1 winners, with a late penalty giving all three points to the hosts.

Check out Byron here

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