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The Shapel of Pizza!

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Shap Pizzas Now Shappening!

It’s not a stretch to see why this award winning team would branch out to start a new business creating from scratch Neapolitan style pizzas, and that’s what the team at the award winning Shap Chippy have done by opening a brand new shop in Shap! Hand stretched dough that’s topped with fresh delicious toppings and garnishes to finish!

The co-owners of Shap Pizzas and Shap Chippy, Matt and Ashley Phillips, closed the chippy’s restaurant in early 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and decided now is the time to use this space to bring their take on the famous Italian cuisine to the locals of Shap and the Eden Valley. Opening their doors for the first time on 10th March 2021.

‘Using fresh ingredients that are locally sourced, hand stretching dough and creating a truly artisanal pizza gives us a real point of difference and the whole concept is an amazing start to finish experience, from the first stretch to the last slice! The shop is completely open concept so the customers can see the whole process!’ Said Matt, Co-Owner.

Shap Pizzas has a wide array of choices that include not only delicious pizzas but also Dessert Pizzas! Tempting their customers with an Apple Crumble Pizza or an Oreo biscuit, custard and Nutella pizza called Chocs Ahoy! All served in a brand new takeaway that they have built right in the heart of Shap!

‘It’s great to bring a new cuisine to Shap, and to be expanding our brand during this pandemic is unprecedented. We would not have been able to do it without the support of our amazing team! In 2020 we launched 2 mobile fish and chip vans and claimed the 2nd Best Fish & Chip Shop Award, now 2021 is all about adding Pizzas to the Shappy Experience!’ Said Ashley, Co-Owner.

Co-Owner Matt Phillips has worked in large corporate pizza brands during his career and that experience has been crucial in creating an amazing product that stands out amongst its competitors.

‘When Covid is over, we cant wait for the customers to be able to stand and watch our team at work stretching dough, saucing, cheesing, topping and baking their pizzas to order! Right now though our click & collect service is working amazingly allowing customers to order through our new app and website!’ Said Bradley, Pizza Supervisor.

Shap Pizzas is open 5 days a week Wednesday to Sunday. It’s great to see a brand building and innovating through the pandemic and coming out the other side of this stronger than ever. Head over to to check out their menu now.

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