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Still Boldly Going!

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Whilst many takeaways and shops are closing due to safety reasons (only you know if and how you can keep to the guidelines and protect your staff and customers – close if you can’t – Austen). One mobile venture is very much still running and helping to feed the people of the Cotswolds.

By Jeffrey Warren Dip GDEA ISMM – Owner of the Starchip Enterprise Franchise

More at Morrisons

We are also pleased to announce that Morrison’s have kindly agreed to allow us to park our ships on their car park during these unprecedented times. Any disadvantaged families or children who have vouchers from the authorities can come out and use them for a hot meal here! Starchip vans are also providing Free chips to any of our wonderful front line NHS Workers who can show their ID pass at the vans.

Government Measures

The Government announced further measures to help protect everyone’s health during the COVID-19 outbreak. These measures called for people to stay indoors except for when they need to exercise, shop for essential items, go out for food ,have a medical need or have to travel for essential work.

The Prime Minister encouraged the public to use food delivery services, and takeaways where they can, which includes Starchip and we’re here to deliver for you.

Take away Food services such as ours we see as an essential service – bringing food to people across the UK. We’ll do everything we can to help support our local communities and stay open to provide hot food to takeaway and continue to provide this vital lifeline for those who need it.

Social Distancing

We urge you to respect social distancing and as such will be using a ticket system at our vans to make sure we all keep safe and at least 2 metres apart .

While the news and information surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we are working diligently to stay informed and take all the necessary safeguards to ensure the health and safety of our partners, team members and loyal customers. As members of NCASS we are following the guidance of the UK Government and world health professionals to ensure our policies are in line with their recommendations and minimising risk whist at our vans . Remember to wash your hands after exchanging money in the supermarket at our vans also at the local shops and try to touch your face mouth eyes or nose as little as possible . Please be assured that while these social distancing restrictions have been put in place for everyone’s safety, it will not impact our ability to serve you. We take the health and wellbeing of our staff loyal customers and general public at large very seriously.

Our weekly evening village runs will remain!

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