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“Stark Eat or Heat warning this winter warning for some of our fishermen” – Help i

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This is the clear message from the Fishermen’s Mission. Caring for active and retired fishermen and their dependants across the UK, the Fishermen’s Mission is the only national charity ready to give the best possible support to the fishing community as the devastating effect of the coronavirus crisis continues to be felt.

With the Winter months fast approaching, Ali Godfrey, Director of Business Development for the charity explains, “This has already been a very tough year for our fishermen, and we have to be realistic and recognise that coronavirus will impact our lives for months to come. Often fishermen will use the profits made from their catch through the spring and summer to tide them over the winter when the fishing is not so good. That could not happen this year, in effect, many fishermen have already used any savings they would have hoped to have put aside for the winter. We are aware that some fishermen are already getting into debt just to keep themselves and their families going. My message to them is clear, it does not have to be that way and the Fishermen’s Mission are here to help you, call our freephone number 08006341020 or look at our website for contact details –

Ali continues to say “We can provide help with a whole range of services, offering financial, practical and support with emotional worries as well as the essentials of home and life, signposting clients to more specialist services if needs be. Some fishing families may face the dilemma of ‘heat or eat’ this winter but that can be avoided by contacting the Fishermen’s Mission. We know that as the temperature drops and the weather gets severe, life can become increasingly hard for our elderly fishing community. Call us, in complete confidence and we can see what may be possible.”

“In times of crisis, the presence of the Fishermen’s Mission in our local fishing ports and harbours has never been more essential. We remain a trusted friend, always ready to listen, to offer guidance and practical support whatever the future may hold. Although we may not be able to meet face to face, the support available has not diminished in any way.”

“We are here and ready to help anyone in our fishing community. You could be an active or retired fisherman, a fisherman’s wife or partner or a dependant of a fisherman – we are here for you. If you are anxious about how you will cope or worried about what the future months will bring, please get in touch. Don’t get snowed under this winter.”

The Fishermen’s Mission is entirely reliant on donations and received no government or lottery funding to support our vital work.  If you would like to help us during this time you can do so by Text AFLOAT to 770085 to donate £2.

The Fisherman’s Mission also told us today that they have no current plans to change their name off the back of the BBC saying its style guide had been altered to replace the word “fishermen” with “fisherpeople” in a bid to use gender-neutral terms when discussing job descriptions

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