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Skip & Collect – Chippy Business will Flourish!

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Skippers of Euxton: New ways of working sees fish and chip shop flourish

As part of a blog series on they focus on Andrew Crook’s fish and chip shop and how he has used their services during lockdown. The full story is here

Andrew took the opportunity to showcase the fish and chip industry effort as a whole, in a remarkable few weeks for team fish and chips.

Lancashire-based independent fish and chip shop, Skippers of Euxton has accessed government financial support to help reopen safely.

Owner Andrew Crook believes the new ways of working will protect customers and his eight staff, and help his business grow once distancing is relaxed:

“Running a business is much more than a job, it becomes your life, and your team and customers become friends, so the decision to close was a tough one.

Nobody wants to close their business, but it was necessary to protect our staff, customers and our reputation, and it allowed us to work with our industry friends to develop new and safer ways to operate.

Social distancing in a busy kitchen environment is very difficult, especially at peak times, so we performed a risk assessment to highlight where there could be potential issues. We needed to reduce the risk of transmission between team members, so we decided to work in teams rather than mixing teams up on a rota basis.

We have involved our team in every step of the risk assessment and provided training to help us all work safely. We also used forms created by our trade body, the National Federation of Fish Friers, for our employees to self-declare no one in their household have exhibited symptoms.”

Some of the measures introduced include:

Changing work practices to pass back-to-back when needed

Offering a reduced menu and not allowing customers onto the premises

Implementing social distancing measures outside the shop

Accepting contactless payments only, where possible

Andrew Crook (far right) at the IOE Open Day

Andrew added: “On a Friday night we generally experience high volumes of customers in a short period of time, causing customer queues and a lot of pressure on the team. We had ‘click and collect’ already, but we had to manually adjust collect times if we received too many orders at once. This would be unmanageable at busy times with the expected demand from customers, so we moved to an automated time slot system, allowing us to control the flow of customers and spread trade throughout the evening.

Read more here

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