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Rockfish to Close all Restaurants (Temporarily)

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]ROCKFISH CLOSED FROM SAT 21st MARCH – WE WILL BE BACK

The time has come for us to stand shoulder to shoulder with those who have already made the brave decision to close their restaurants and take a part in the global fight against the spread of the coronavirus. We fully understand the need to play our part in defeating it.

The safety of our staff, customers and the wider community is of paramount importance, so we have made the decision to temporarily close all of our restaurants. It is a desperately sad day for us, and our people, who have worked so hard to make our restaurants the wonderful places they are today. We are aware that many of our colleagues are facing the same decision and recognise how hard it is for everyone across the industry.

From Saturday March 21st we will temporarily close all our Rockfish restaurants and takeaways. This has been one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make but we need, along with our fellow countrymen, to play our part in the solution. Rockfish will survive this and when normality is restored we will do all we can to help our immediate communities, fish markets and other businesses around us to return to normal life.

Our restaurants have seen so many good times and I am grateful for the messages of support we have received from customers and fellow restaurateurs. Our industry is built on strong friendships and it’s at times like these when they are really felt. Whilst our attention will be focused on finding the way thought this this we will do all we can to share information and support others trying to do the same. We will work closely with government bodies to ensure that the welfare of our staff and their families is managed through this period of uncertainty.

Maybe the is a chance for us all to slow down and re discover the simple pleasures of life. However you spend your time, we wish you a safe passage through this and when the good times roll again, which they will, we look forward to raising a glass with you all to the day when borders around the world re open and our international communities can come back together and thrive again.


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