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By Austen Dack speaking to George Papadamou Papas Fish and Chips 

Are all restaurants up and running? The safety and wellbeing of our team was of paramount importance to us. It was imperative that we implemented various measures and practices to achieve this high standard of safety. Naturally, our focus has been on implementing these changes in our larger restaurants, where achieving social distancing has been significantly easier. We hope to take the lessons we have learned and roll them out across all of our restaurants in the very near future. 

What special measures do you have in place? We have implemented a 5-step plan across all takeaways and restaurants. This plan has enabled us to maintain a high degree of safety and hospitality in our restaurant. We have been extremely transparent about our 5 Steps, with posters, banners and videos published online and within our restaurants to reassure our guests. These steps include various changes to our practices and cleaning regimes and well as the layout in our restaurants. 

How is click and collect – was it easy to set up? Click and Collect has been a great asset during the initial phase of the pandemic. It enables us to offer a completely contact free service to our guests and utilise the car parks at our restaurants. To achieve everything we wanted it to – we quickly became aware that a bespoke system was required. Our team began laying out a vision for this system and what it would achieve. 

How are staff coping how have you helped them? 

Our team have been instrumental in our reopening. Our senior management team have worked hard researching, developing, and implementing the various adaptions to our business. Everyone has received specific Covid-19 training on our ‘Papas | Academy’ which has worked great to reassure them and our guests that everything is being done to maintain the highest possible standards of safety. We are proud of the relationship we share with our team, and they have been amazing in adapting and providing feedback allowing our systems to continually improve. 

Are you getting back to near capacity again with customer numbers? Our restaurants have a reduced seating capacity, which has obviously had a knock-on effect to the number of customers we can serve. However, the various changes we have made have sped up our service and enabled us to distribute the level of trade across times which would have ordinarily been quieter. 

Did you take part in the governments midweek promotion?

We were pleased the government have focused on helping rebuild the hospitality sector. The Eat Out to Help Out scheme was a great initiative and we were excited to be taking part. It was a great opportunity to encourage the public to venture out following lockdown. 

You use Nortech superior – how does this help you to make consistently good fish and chips?

Nortech helps us create a consistently great tasting product. Our team love working with a frying medium which is manufactured close by to our restaurants. We are fortunate to have visited the facilities and meet the team who care just as much about superior beef dripping as we do about our fish and chips. 

Nortech is a superior product by name and nature. The frying medium is extremely stable and works well in helping us create our signature taste. The beef dripping is exceptionally long lasting making it great value for money. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″ el_class=”sticky-container”][mnky_ads id=”3659″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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