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Open Again!

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The day the industry re-opened!

Over 100 friers and trade suppliers travelled to Ely Cambridgeshire for the 8th annual Isle of Ely Produce & Chippy Chat open day. It was to be the first industry event since the start of the pandemic

The event put on by John, Oliver and Claire Boutwood and hosted by Chippy Chat Publishing Editor Austen Dack highlights the journey the potato makes before it hits shops. It is the culmination of their ‘field to frier’ platform, which this year also included the story of the potato seed too. The day although dedicated to the potato, in recent years has taken on the mantle of being a showcase for what’s also best practice in the fish and chip industry. Some of the best fish and chip shop owners presented during the day from a  £12,000 AV stage show set up in one of IOE’s potato storage sheds. 

The day was opened by NFFF President Andrew Crook.

Our thanks to Mark Petrou from Petrou Brothers, who told us about his journey through the pandemic, and the launch of his new SpudGuru platform! We also had many service providers on the stage too offering up tips and ideas from online to on the farm!

Alex Moore from Agrico also presented on stage talking about how important it is to involve fish friers with the testing of new breeds.

Highlight of the day was John Molnar from the Cod’s Scallops the current UK champions. He showed us just why they are the best in the UK with benchmark activity in a thrilling keynote video delivery, direct from the judging room of the National Fish & Chip Awards.

Back to farming our featured farmer this year was once again Pete Legge of Legge Farms. He took the owners to his farm giving them a running commentary as they approached the farm before jumping out to see the potato growing process first hand.  Pete was a great speaker and the group all complimented him on his fantastic tour.

Other highlights included tasting the new Pukka Pie brand, tastings from Agrico (babylon), and the legendary cake selection all free to attendees. 

In the evening over 40 people dined and drank into the night in Ely all reflecting on the day itself.

We are already planning next year’s event. Pencilled in for 11/09/2022. If you would like to attend as a frier or supplier and want details of tickets and/or sponsorship please email

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