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Oil Change?

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How I found one of Europe’s Finest Olive Oils

Lots of people have been doing under lockdown the things they have had on their list for many months. In my case it is something that I have been meaning to do for nearly 20 years.

Travel writer, journalist, author and screenwriter (and friends) – Martin Kirby and partner Maggie and their children Ella and Joe are known to people around the world from his books, articles and two documentaries about life on their Catalan mountain farm called Mother’s Garden. I worked with Martin in the nineties at one of the most decorated newspapers in the country!

They were the first to be featured on the highly popular NO GOING BACK television series and were called the emblematic “living the dream” family. In 2001 they left a secure life and jobs in England, moving with baby Joe and five-year-old Ella to a ramshackled farm of olives, vines, fruit and nut trees in the mountains of the Priorat, south of Barcelona. The excellent book of the same name followed. As well as the writing, they export award-winning fresh Mother’s Garden EV olive oil and welcome international guests to their farm’s holiday cottage, giving them a taste of life on the wild side and the culture of this timeless wine and olive oil region.

Martin’s novel Moon Daisy is now a feature film project and he is working on further screenplays and books. A member of the Society of Authors and former newspaper editor, he writes for Catalonia Today (El Punt Avui) and publications in the UK.

So, in lockdown and with time almost superfluous it gave me the time to actually contact my friend and actually order his 5 star rated extra virgin olive oil. It was then I also found out it was one of Delia Smith’s favourites, so we were in fact lucky to actually find some left to order.

The sell was an easy one fresh, cold-pressed, unblended 100 per cent arbequina extra virgin olive oil from one a village mill in the Priorat mountains of Catalonia. Every customer is even told when their olive oil was pressed and bottled. Multi-award-winning olive oil from the most recent harvest.

So, if you would like to try it (they deliver Europe wide) then visit the mothers garden website, you will not regret it. Thanks Martin and family for our delivery, there are always silver linings to a dark cloud.

You can order yours here

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