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Solana committed to delivering new frying varieties .

A brief history.

Solana GmbH started as a Potato Business in 1905 in Germany. The same family are in charge today – 4th generation. Solana have 14 offices across the world & representation in 28 countries. Three breeding stations – Two in Germany & one in Holland

The Future

Solana UK Limited was officially inaugurated in July 2015, since then, when we started out with just one full and two part time employees, our team has expanded to include seven full and two part time members of staff, plus two Senior Consultants based in Northern Ireland & Scotland.

Solana Seeds UK has increased in size beyond anyone’s expectation and our growth alone this year has increased by 30%. For us to prosper and increase further we have taken on additional members of staff, have representation in Ireland and will be in opening a Scottish office in August 2021.

We continue to expand our range of seed potatoes with trials going well in all of our overseas operations as well in the UK.  Our range comprises in excess of 60 different varieties. We have a strict selection process to select potatoes suited to our UK customer base.

In addition to breeding and distribution, we offer all the associated upstream and downstream services. These include research, varietal maintenance and the production of seed potatoes, quality management, expert advice on the choosing of varieties and the growing of potatoes, and organising and handling international logistics.

This gives us a close relationship with crop cultivation and means that we are familiar with the challenges faced by our customers and seed growers.


Miranda is a 2nd early chipping variety popular with chip shops in both UK & Ireland. The variety has been accepted over the years and increased in popularity because of its reliability and stability with quality and fry colour.  The variety has a delicious taste and excellent culinary qualities with long oval tubers, shallow eyes and yellow flesh colour. It is very resistant to bruising and mechanical damage.


Amanda is more an early main crop. It has had a sudden resurgence with the fish and chip shop trade.  Misunderstood in its early years as a crisping variety Solana has with much research and trial discovered that we can get size commonly accepted within the chipping frying industry. In addition, it will still crisp too. The variety itself has one of the highest resistances and tolerances to both Rostochiensis & Pallida. In partnership with someone within the seed industry we have made major steps forwards in terms of the varieties popularity and acceptability. We encourage readers of this article to try using this variety. It has good storage creditability and stability.


Edison is the new member of the Solana family and has been proven to work well in as many as 20 countries in the world. In the UK farmers have already seen the merits of growing it, the merchants in selling it, and the end users/chip owners frying it. We have high hopes for this variety as its growing period in terms of days seems to be a lot less than most of its competitors. We have stored it in trials ourselves right through to July and been delighted with the end results. We are optimistic in terms of the future of this variety – we need more seed growers to keep up with demand.

And as for the future; we wish to work more with companies like the Isle of Ely and Chippy Chat to establish, promote and support all of these varieties and new chipping varieties for the UK market and beyond.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″ el_class=”sticky-container”][mnky_ads id=”126076″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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