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National Seafood Week – All You Need to Know!

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National Seafood Week! Top Tips

Seafood Week is all about the seafood industry working together to celebrate and promote the great variety of fish and shellfish to be enjoyed in the UK – and there is plenty of ways to get involved.

The annual promotional campaign comprises eight days of consumer-focused, cross-sector industry activity – with the Week aiming to unite the seafood industry and come together to celebrate the wide variety of seafood available to the consumer in the UK. .

The event is all about celebration and adventure, and during which Seafish will:

  1. Promote seafood as one of the healthiest, most convenient and delicious foods available.

  2. Promote the fact that there is a huge variety of different fish and shellfish to be enjoyed by consumers in the UK – in excess of 100 different varieties available in the UK – possessing different flavours, different textures, etc.

  3. Promote the fact that seafood is incredibly versatile – there are literally thousands of different seafood recipes and ways to cook seafood.

  4. Make consumers aware of seafood’s great value for money.

Celebrations for the Week will begin on Friday 4 October 2019 with the popular annual social media focussed Fish Pun Day, and will be followed by eight days of intense consumer-focused activity across all sectors of the seafood industry.

Each day of the campaign will focus on a particular species of fish or shellfish:

Day 1              Friday 4 October                     Mackerel

Day 2              Saturday 5 October                Prawns

Day 3              Sunday  6 October                  Plaice

Day 4              Monday 7 October                  Scallops

Day 5              Tuesday 8 October                 Mussels

Day 6              Wednesday 9 October            Hake

Day 7              Thursday 10 October              Crab

Day 8              Friday 11 October                   Haddock/Cod/Pollack

Seafish will once again be promoting Seafood Week via various media channels, so that consumers will be more aware of what Seafood Week is all about.

Some Useful Social Media Tags

#Fishpunday               For use on Friday 4 October when sharing a fish pun

#SeafoodWeek           Campaign hashtag for general posts

#SeafoodHero            For people to use to tag their seafood hero (favourite

chef, fishmonger, retailer, coastal hero, etc..)

#ratemyfish                 For people to use to share images of seafood dishes,

encouraging consumers to think about scoring seafood

dishes/products ‘marks out of 10’.

What Could Seafood Week Do For Your Business?

Participating in, and undertaking some promotional activity in support of Seafood Week 2019 could make you and your business/shop/restaurant very popular with your customers.

It should increase your sales and profits because your regular customers will hopefully visit your business/shop/restaurant more regularly, particularly if you keep positively promoting your business.

Customers from other businesses/shops/restaurants, where there is no promotional activity taking place, will hopefully visit your business if they have heard/seen news of your promotional activity plans.

It will provide you as a business owner with a platform to create some ‘theatre’ around Seafood Week. It will provide you with an opportunity to contact your local press/media in advance and tell them about the activity that you have planned for Seafood Week and what is happening in your shop/restaurant, and will hopefully get some media coverage for your business.

Here are some ideas of other promotional activities that you could consider undertaking for Seafood Week 2019:

  1. ‘Buy one get one free’, promotional offer

  2. ‘Free’ prize draw on proof of purchase

  3. 50th customer each day gets a free product

  4. Staff serving incentive – person who sells the most portions of fish on a certain day wins a prize

  5. Seafood art competitions – encourage younger customers to design a poster or a fish cartoon character

  6. For new customers, consider an advert in the local press offering a prize draw for a free product

  7. Try product tastings with some lesser known fish species, such as coley or pollack

  8. Run a seafood themed quiz for customers giving them the chance to win a prize

  9. ‘Free’ prize draw for all customers who purchase fish. During Seafood Week, prize winners could be presented with their prizes at the shop and the local press invited to attend the event. Consider inviting a local celebrity to present prizes.

  10. Contact your local newspaper or radio station, with details of any promotional activities. Consider getting your local newspaper to cover the presentation of any prizes to customers if you run a prize draw competition, perhaps with a local celebrity presenting the prizes. Remember – if you get a good photograph, the story is more likely to get coverage in the newspapers.

Campaign Materials

A variety of Seafood Week promotional materials are available for use by businesses – including the attached campaign toolkit with lots of great ideas of how to get involved in the celebrations. A wide variety of additional digital promotional assets are available to access/download via the Seafood Week section of the Seafish Asset Bank Library.

For those people who are not already a registered user of the Seafish Asset Bank Library, they are able to access the Library via

Seafish is always keen for interested businesses to let them know of any particular activities they may be undertaking for Seafood Week, so that Seafish can consider helping to publicise and promote. Businesses who would like to participate in the 2019 campaign can e-mail details of their planned activity to Seafish on

To find out more about Seafood Week visit

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