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McWhinney’s Storm Europe!

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McWhinney’s Pork Sausages are THE BEST IN EUROPE!

For those of you who have not heard of them, McWhinney’s Sausages have been sizzling sausages since 1898 and during this time they have learned a thing or two about the craft. One of the core principles that they will always believe in is “Quality Matters”, they also firmly believe that quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.

Their Premium pork sausages are made using 70% prime pork and are extremely popular with takeaways, café’s & restaurants who prefer to offer consistency and quality to their customers. In the words of John Molnar, owner of The Cods Scallops (Winner of the National Fish & Chip Shop of the Year) “I would not use any other sausage in any of my takeaways”. 

Kevin McWhinney, the MD of McWhinney’s Sausages is so passionate about the quality of the range that he refuses to sell any product to the public that he would not be happy serve to his own family.  This gives you confidence that you are selling only the best sausages to your customers!

As the saying goes, self-praise is no praise at all, so to add some weight to their message they have recently been awarded the title of “Pork Sausage Manufacturers of the year 2021 – Europe” at the Lux Life Food & Drink Awards.   LUXlife’s awards have a merit driven approach to ensure that only the most deserving businesses and products are recognised.  Their aim is to identify those most dedicated to demonstrating expertise and an unwavering commitment to excellence within their field!

Why not try McWhinney’s Sausages for yourself?  Get in touch today for more information. |

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