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Love Seafood!

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Launched by Seafish recently, Love Seafood (replacing fish is the dish) represents an ambitious long-term consumer initiative, built to reframe the nation’s view of seafood. Covering both in-home consumption via retail purchases and out-of-home consumption, including dining at cafes and restaurants or enjoying fish and chips to takeaway.

Working with the seafood industry

The Love Seafood brand is owned by Seafish, but it has been developed in partnership with the seafood industry in the UK. Understanding that the seafood industry is diverse, Seafish are looking to unite everyone behind a single cause – collectively inspiring the nation to fall in love with seafood. Love Seafood will bring together a community of seafood champions and it will be powered by the businesses it represents. 

Target audiences

Love Seafood is focused on two specific audiences representing buying power, penetration, and influence across the next five years and beyond. These are: 

  1. Millennials – those born between 1981 and 1996 

  2. Baby Boomers – those born between 1946 and 1964

Seafish used data from Experian and YouGov to create a sub-set of audience segments grouped by life stage within these categories. Following direction from the aforementioned Love Seafood Group, Love Seafood will initially focus on reaching the following three audience segments: 

  1. Millennials Aged between 26 and 35, they make up 9% of all UK households. 

  2. Middle-aged average affluence families. Aged between 56-65 they make up 19% of all UK households.  

  3. Young families with low income looking for affordable food and the occasional takeaway. Highly influenced by celebrities and aged between 26-35 they make up 23% of all UK households.  

Strategic objectives for Love Seafood

Love Seafood will support Seafish’s corporate goal of increasing seafood consumption across the UK – positioning Love Seafood as a platform for ‘warming up’ consumers when it comes to seafood and seeking to create demand for seafood-related businesses across the UK – including fish and chip shops and restaurants – to support their sales.  

Plans for Year One activity

Initially Love Seafood Year One activity will have a strong focus on communication to consumers – and from the beginning of 2021 Seafish will also activate a variety of direct support for three specific trade sectors, namely; independent retailers, independent restaurants and the fish and chip shop sector.  

‘Feel Good Food’ creative concept

The creative concept for Year One will focus on ‘Feel Good Food’ and will highlight how seafood makes us feel as consumers. From the nostalgic taste of fish and chips, to getting the family together over a delicious fish pie, seafood warms the heart and feeds the soul.  

Why should you get involved?

It’s a great opportunity to be part of something that will generate consumer interest and positive media coverage for the fish and chip sector in particular and the wider seafood industry in general.  

Visit to find out more, to sign-up to receive latest news updates, and to access a wide variety of Love Seafood business support assets. 

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