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JJ’s Encourages Online Ordering During Virus Outbreak

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JJ Encourages Online Orders and Payments During COVID-19   

JJ Foodservice is encouraging customers to order and pay online to minimise social interaction and reduce cash handling as record numbers of shoppers visit branches to buy household essentials in bulk.

“Customer numbers more than doubled over the weekend as supermarket supplies ran dry sending many shoppers our way”, said Head of Operations at JJ, Sedat Kaan Hendekli.

The increase in business created extensive queues and a five-fold increase in demand for some products. “We are doing everything we can to fulfil orders while promoting the safety of our teams”, said Kaan.

“Ordering and paying online reduces the need to wait around – you can be in and out of a branch much faster, helping to minimise risk,” he added.

Cash can also hold bacteria and viruses for days, according to the World Health Organisation, which recommends washing hands regularly after handling paper notes and coins.

Cash payments are already in decline at JJ Foodservice, following the launch of Pay Online by Card promotions last year, which have seen the level of cash payments drop by 40%.

To support the movement, JJ will be extending its Pay Online by Card promotions to the end 2020.

Customers can register here.

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