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Ice Cool & Huge Profits too!

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Spring into Summer!

Time to order a great profit yielding Slush machine for your shop

Spring is underway and there’s optimism in the air too. With lockdown hopefully behind us soon, Britain is gearing up for a great summer. We’re all eager to get back to the things we took for granted, a drink in the pub, a day out in the country or a trip to the seaside. Since holidays abroad are uncertain, most families are looking to make the most of what we have here in the UK. The public are booking home trips & holidays in record numbers & fish & chips, slush drinks and ice cream will be much sought after, and something that you need to be thinking about order volumes now.

Snowshock have been in the slush business since 2003 and we have never seen such a busy start to a new year. Business owners more than ever are gearing up now to take advantage of the Staycation trend and the fact that their customers are going to be around more this year, spending their money.

It is time you too discovered SnowShock’s tasty and vibrant range of all things slush related, from commercial slush machines to syrups and additional slush consumables. As the proud UK supplier of premium slush products, we provide you with an excellent product and service that will help drive profits for your business.

Our slush machine deals all include enough free stock to more than cover the outlay and we offer instalments too, not forgetting 12 months onsite warranty and free delivery. Slush is incredibly popular and profitable too. Snowshock Slush syrups are only £11.99 delivered. Each bottle of syrup makes 110 drinks, at £1.50 per drink that s £165 return!

Our expert SnowShock staff are here to help you along the way and are happy to provide more information about the range of slush products we offer.


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