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How can Whitby Scampi help you achieve extra sales?

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By Edward Whittle

I work for my family business, Whitby Seafoods, and we are the UK’s largest manufacturer of scampi.

Like many others at this time, we are doing all that we can to keep the factory running to service the supermarkets we supply, whilst the pubs and restaurants remain closed. We have strict social distancing measures in place in the factory and are restricting site access to only those directly involved with production and senior managers. We are not permitting non-employees onto our site. Most of our office based employees are now ‘at home’ working, however, all those working from home are fully contactable and are conducting ‘business as usual’ as far as possible.

Foodservice customers usually make up a crucial part of the customer base for scampi – which is the UK’s second most commercially important fishery –until things get back to normal, sales of scampi are half of what they normally are. Without an increase in demand, we may not be able to buy sufficient amounts of langoustines (scampi) from the UK fleet. This could mean they are unable to continue fishing viably.

We are looking at a number of options to help sell more scampi, but I thought I would put the question to this group, about what we could do to get the fish & chip shops to sell more scampi?

I have been heartened by the fact that it appears so many of you guys have been able to re-open on a click and collect or home delivery basis. We feel that scampi lends itself to takeaway and deliveries, due to the fact that the coating remains crisp, is that right? “

We are prepared to take extra measures to ensure our scampi is put on fish and chip shops menus such as attractive POS. But we are sure there must be more we can do.

Other ways we have been putting our Whitby scampi to use is donating it to community groups and initiatives in our local area. We have offered key workers free products as well as dropping off to care homes and charities struggling throughout this difficult time. This has been fantastic in boosting morale and pulling together as a tight knit community. Whitby is famous for its scampi and it has been so well received.

All of the scampi and most of the seafood we use is fished in the waters around the British Isles. Covid -19 has hit UK fishing communities hard and we are driving the message that when you buy Whitby Scampi you are directly supporting British Fishing.

How can Whitby do more for the fish and chip industry and ensure it is on a reduced menu? Email[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″ el_class=”sticky-container”][mnky_ads id=”3659″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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