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Throughout the year the challenge of starch levels in the potatoes we fry changes week by week. It  manifests itself as sugar, and we all know what happens when sugar and hot oil meet…caramelisation!. This causes darkening of oil, leading to higher oil costs and in turn the danger of Acrylamide on our chips.

The good news is that there is a remedy, which in conjunction with washing the chips will eliminate the damaging starch and provide crisp golden chips all year round, in all seasons!

Drywite All Seasons is used in the same way as “conventional” Drywite, so fryers can easily change over. Used all year round it will slow variable dosing thought out the year according to starch levels.

Essentially after chipping, fryers should rinse the chips to eliminate the surface starch, then treat with Drywite All Seasons to remove the residual starch, leaving the chip dry and ready to fry.

Independent research and tests have also shown All Seasons is effective against the creation of Acrylamide on Chips by removing the sugars (starch) which causes the Acrylamide to form.

Golden Chips in “All Seasons”

Samples of All Seasons are available directly from Drywite on 01384 569556 or

Remember, Drywite make all or their products in their own factory in the West Midlands so you can be confident to rely on them!

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