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FREE Personalised Pukka Poster & Hurry First 50 Shops Get Social Network Campaign!

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Pukka, the UK’s favourite fish and chip shop pie brand*, is offering a helping hand to fish and chip shops with free marketing support. 

Pukka is helping fish and chip shops with home deliveries or call and collect services, and here is how. 

“The Great British chippy is part of the fabric of the nation and they’ve always been at the heart of our story,” explains Pukka’s General Manager, Isaac Fisher. “That’s exactly why we’ve launched a campaign to help chippy owners continue to feed the nation.

“We have created free posters that can be personalised for chip shop fronts, communicating home delivery and/or call and collect services. Plus, for the first 50 chip shops that contact us, we’ll run social media ads specifically targeting nearby communities to spread the word, helping to bring the People’s Pie and chips to the nation whilst driving sales for local businesses.”

One of the first chip shops to take up Pukka’s offer of free support was The Stardust Fish and Chip Shop, in Hopton, after launching a delivery service via JustEat. In just one week, the personalised social media adverts reached over 80,000 people in the local area.

Gary Costar, Owner of The Stardust Fish and Chip Shop, says: “The Facebook advert was great for driving awareness of our new delivery service with local residents, and it brought in new customers who hadn’t been to the shop before. What’s more, it led to over 1,500 clicks through to our website and a 50% increase in delivery orders.”

Pukka is continuing to provide free support to fish and chip shops across the UK to make sure there are more success stories like The Stardust.

“We’ve been working with fish and chip shops since 1963 so it’s only right that we step in and do the right thing,” adds Fisher. “We’re encouraging every chippy offering home delivery or call and collect services to get in touch to benefit from our free marketing materials and social media support so that together, we can make sure people continue to tuck into the nation’s favourite pie and chips.” 

Point of Sale & Ordering 

–To order your free poster, head to the trade section of Pukka’s website at and one will be posted out to you

Personalised Social Media Support  

–To benefit from personalised social media support, email with the name of your chippy, address and opening days/times 

1 Census wide survey of 2,019 UK adults conducted between 19th-23rd July 2019

2 Offer valid to the first 50 chip shop enquiries for social media support [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″ el_class=”sticky-container”][mnky_ads id=”3659″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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