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FREE Fly Machine!

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]FREE FLY CONTROL UNIT FOR CHIP SHOP OWNERS!

Are you having trouble from flies in your shop? We may have the answer, a FREE system for you to try that is more effective and more hygienic that a traditional fly zapper!

No-Fli Ltd are a new company based out of Harrogate who manufacture a new fly control unit that they give away free of charge to chip show owners and other organisations.

The new unit is designed to be more effective and hygenic than the tradional zapping machines. It is a glueboard unit and is given away free to anybody who agrees to purchase the glueboards for the unit.

In addition to being free there are 3 main advantages of using a glueboard machine.

1 – They are more hygienic. Research has proven that when a fly is zapped any bacteria that is on the fly enters the atmosphere and potentially contaminates all surfaces.

2 – They are more effective. The unit designed by No-Fli is a new contemporary looking unit that lets far more light out than zapping machines. It is the bright light that attracts the flies so the unit attracts more flies.

3 – They are more reliable. In recent years the quality of zapping machines has become very poor and many do not last more than 6 months. This has meant than many are just binned and thousands go into landfill every year. The UK made No-Fli unit comes with a lifetime guarantee.

There is no contract on the No-Fli glueboards and no minimum term. You will be sent an email reminding you to change the boards.

If anybody is interested in hearing more about the free fly control unit or arranging a free of charge installation get in contact with No-Fli Ltd on 01423 575065 or email

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