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[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Trading fish and chips for bitcoin — why this small coastal Aussie takeaway shop has cryptocurrency as a payment option

It is not something you would expect to find walking into a small coastal town’s fish and chip shop, but at Yeppoon’s Seagulls Takeaway there are three options for payment – cash, card or cryptocurrency, so reports the ABC Capricornia in Queensland

Part-owner and manager Clint Horsfall began offering the method of payment a couple of weeks ago.

Mr Horsfall said he was inspired to trial the system, after hearing about retailers in other areas of the country rolling it out.

“I myself am trying to dabble into it … to see if it works or what all the hype is about” he said.

“There’s nowhere in Yeppoon to actually use it. I’ve heard that you can purchase products and services down south for example, and I thought ‘why not just chuck it out here?'”

Mr Horsfall said it was relatively easy to install, as it was all application-based.

“I create an account, and if someone does want to pay with crypto, I just bring up my app, choose a currency I want to trade in, and that brings up a QR code for them to scan on their app.

“They just show me the approved payment and, that’s it, it’s done.”

Though he has only had one customer (a visitor from Townsville) use it so far, Mr Horsfall said he thought cryptocurrency would become more “mainstream” in the future, and he wanted to be ahead of the curve.

“[Though] it does fluctuate in price quite a bit, so I am taking a risk of course.”

“But the flipside could happen … what’s interesting for me from a business point of view is that $20 order could someday be valued at $50 or more, who knows.”

Key points:

  1. A Yeppoon fish and chip shop co-owner is trialling cryptocurrency as a payment option after seeing interstate retailers using it

  2. If a big development goes ahead for the local Great Keppel Island, the owners think bitcoin use will increase locally

  3. An RMIT University professor says as cryptocurrency payment systems continue to develop, more regional businesses could possibly follow suit

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