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The Bay Fish & Chips has recently taken on an exciting new look after undergoing a complete revamp. The shop, in Stonehaven, has invested in ultra-modern equipment to further enhance sustainability which the business has picked up multiple awards for. Top of the range features include shallower purpose-built sinks to reduce water wastage, a zero emissions fryer with 97% gas efficiency and new fridge units to eliminate unused space. Fridges are the most energy efficient available and a gluten-free only fryer has also been installed.

The £250,000 refurbishment is the most significant to date for The Bay since opening its doors 14 years ago. A large percentage of the sum was poured into sustainability, which has always been a top priority for the business. In addition to brand new sinks, fridges and a zero emissions fryer with a separate gluten-free section, the takeaway has invested in advanced electric pans and new motion activated lighting to cut down electricity. New windows have also been fitted and a click and collect service is soon to be available where customers can pre-order food.

The brand-new equipment will further reduce the carbon footprint for each meal served, which generates 115g of Co2 vs 1100g in similar businesses. The refit has the potential to increase overall output by 10% adding £150,000 to the yearly turnover. The business runs on 100% renewable energy with the team constantly striving for a greener, more sustainable and safer environment.

Calum Richardson, Owner / Chef at The Bay Fish & Chips said: “We’re delighted with the finished result here at The Bay, it’s a fantastic way to kick start 2020. Sustainability has always been a key pillar of our culture and it’s what we instil in all of our employees. Not only is the revamp great to look at but the new state of the art equipment is both energy efficient and environmentally friendly which is crucial to the future of the business.

“We closed our doors in January for 16 days to complete the refit and our customers absolutely love the new look. I’d like to extend a special thanks to local contractor Fotheringham Homes for taking on this project, it was their first shop development and they’ve done amazing job. Investing in equipment like our new gluten-free zero emissions fryer will benefit our customers as well as the environment. Sustainability will continue to be at the top of our agenda, and we will strive to champion this as long as the doors are open.”

“The Bay is shut for safety reasons at the moment, but when we reopen, we have all the tools we need to help us run as efficiently as possible.”

The Bay Fish & Chips is the most sustainable fish and chip business in the world. It is the highest rated fish and chip shop by the Sustainable Restaurant Association and only one on their prestigious top 20 list. The business was also the highest-ranking entry from the UK in Lonely Planet’s ‘Ultimate Eatlist 2018’.

Are you planning a refit? Email with further details

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