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British appetite for fish and chips rockets…

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The traditional British dish is rocketing to the take-away top spot as shops offer better seafood choices – including monkfish, lemon sole and even sharks many Brits come to terms with the fall out of leaving the EU it seems there could be something to smile about – Fish and chips are on the rise.

In the wake of the Brexit vote a survey found that the nation’s love affair with fish and chips has been reignited as people returned to eating the traditional dish in their droves.But surprisingly it’s not through a sudden rise in patriotism, but actually due to a surge in posh fish on sale and more choice – after TV chef like Gordon Ramsey made seafood more popular.

The one time Friday staple has lost ground compared with 1972 when it was the outright king of the takeaway with 64% of Brits tucking in. But as figures begin to rise, that could all be about to change. Retail think tank Consumer King found that the dramatic rise was from the number of fish and chip shops selling posh fish such as monkfish, squid and lemon sole.

There had been a 26% rise in sales of the take away staple for 2016, which experts claim is down to upmarket fish being on offer in our chip pies – but also a return to British traditional fayre.

Consumer King found a 21% rise in fish and chip shops now stocking squid, monkish and lemon sole – species made famous by celebrity chefs and TV shows such as MasterChef and Come Dine with Me.

Andrea Draper from Consumer King said: “Many more fish and chip shop owners are moving with the times, customers want to taste fish that would normally be the preserve of the rich and famous.

“Celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsey and Rick Stein have made seafood very popular.

Seafood is going through a purple patch. Fish and chip shop owners realise this and so are responding to consumer demand.

“Even though cod and haddock are still the best sellers, we expect more fish and chip shops to start stocking shell food and exotic species of fish in the coming years.”

The UK’s fish trade association, Seafish said that sales of exotic fish such as Calamari (squid) were up in the last year whilst sales of many other types of fish including monkfish and pangasius (shark) had also risen strongly in the last seven years.

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