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A Sea Change!

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]There’s a Sea Change coming to Letchworth, with sustainable seafood at its heart

Residents of Letchworth Garden City are invited to share in a three week long celebration of sustainably sourced seafood between Saturday 11th June – Sunday 2nd July 2022. Events are set to tantalise the taste buds as well as inspire the minds, with delicious, and sustainable fish and seafood on offer.

Our world population is increasing, and the effects of climate change are impacting how much food we can produce. According to the United Nations (UN), we need to produce 70% more food to meet dietary needs in 2050. Land-based agriculture cannot meet these requirements alone, we need to look to alternatives. Sustainably sourced seafood can play a big part in helping to meet this demand, which is where Sea Change comes in.

Seafood is essential to a healthy, sustainable diet.

It’s been widely discussed and theorised that plant-based diets are the future. With Sea Change, Blue is set to become the new Green. The oceans cover over two thirds of the Earth’s surface yet provide only a very small percentage of the world’s food – the FAO has in fact stated that with better management and innovation, the ocean could provide six times more food than it does today. *

Anette Grøttland Zimowski, Sea Change campaign lead, comments: “Seafood is too often forgotten in the future of food debate and when looking at what makes a sustainable, healthy diet . According to stats, we only eat about half of the Government’s recommended two portions of fish a week – Sea Change is here to turn that tide – for the good of our health, and the planet’s.”

Sea Change – a mouth-watering, educational experience

Throughout the three weeks, you can expect a tasty launch on Saturday 11th June at The Wynd, with Simon Hulstone of renowned Michelin-starred Torquay restaurant, The Elephant, sampling sustainable seafood treats. With music, games and a giant Mr Cod, it’s an event designed to excite the whole family.

There’s a host of activities to follow, from promotions around the nation’s favourite dish; fish and chips, to themed evenings celebrating sustainably caught seafood as the star attraction on menus at The Fox and Three Horseshoes in Willian. Local schools (St Thomas More and Garden City Academy) are also being given the opportunity to get involved with an educational cookery lesson from school meals expert, Kate Snow. Plus, families in and around Ridge Road will be challenged to increase weekly seafood consumption at home, with activities fronted by nutritionist Juliette Kellowe and TV chef Lisa Faulkner.

Anette continues; “With the ongoing debate around food and nutritional security, it is our belief that the population should be eating more sustainably sourced proteins, and as ‘seafood people’ we want to highlight that fish and seafood can play an important role in the flexitarian diet for those who want to reduce meat consumption, without becoming vegan or vegetarian.

“We’re encouraging Letchworth residents, friends and family to come along, join in on our activities and have fun with new foods. We also hope that our message about Blue becoming the new Green will reach communities outside of Letchworth and inspire many across the UK to become part of the Sea Change.”

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