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10% OFF Pre-Prepared chips delivered to your door! Now That’s Just FF-Fabulous!*

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Fylde Fresh & Fabulous are one of the UK’s most established potato producers, providing national coverage, supplying freshly peeled potatoes and chips under the FFF brand. We are BRC accredited and Red Tractor approved making us a reliable leading supplier to the fish and chip shop industry. 

At Fylde Fresh & Fabulous we pride ourselves on maintaining high standards across the entire potato process. The key success factor in producing quality potato and chip products starts with the growing of the raw material right here on the Fylde Fresh and Fabulous farm in the heart of the Fylde countryside.

Using a combination of in-house growing and a number of dedicated potato growers, Fylde Fresh and Fabulous can always guarantee that the majority of raw material is home produced and processed.

This method also ensures that every FFF chip ending up as an accompaniment to a fresh fish fillet at your local fish and chip shop can be fully traced back to the field along with its growing regime and history.

After harvesting our produce, we store the potatoes in temperature-controlled environments to ensure they are as fresh as the moment they were plucked from the soil.

Every fresh batch of Triple F Chips is fry-tested and quality-assessed before being distributed. You can always guarantee reliability and quality with our freshly cut Triple F Chips thanks to our high levels of compliance, and only supplying the best potato produce possible.


Fylde fresh and Fabulous have now made it even easier to order our chips. FFF chips are now available to buy online from our website . We are offering all Chippy chat readers a 10% discount off their first order. Simply quote the code CC001 on the website to take advantage of this offer. 

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