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[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]The Results of the “Planting Trees with Friwite” Campaign!

Throughout September, the Q Partnership promised to plant trees based on the boxes of FriWite you bought – and the results are in.  We here at the Q Partnership (Friars Pride, VA Whitley and Henry Colbeck) wanted to do our part with your help to combat climate change in any way we can and help create a sustainable future.

We saw a staggering number of you purchase FriWite throughout September, helping us with our commitment. In total, you managed to help us plant an incredible 4,137 trees!

Jon Flobrant Unsplash

Why Are Trees so Vital to the Environment?

There’s a natural synergy – Friwite is manufactured from Palm Oil, which is grown on a tree. The good news is that Friwite is 100% Sustainable! Trees clean the air we breathe by taking in carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides – harmful greenhouse gases that damage the ozone layer. In total, the 4,137 trees will extract over 900k tons of CO2 from the atmosphere over a 10 year period. (see One Tree Planted).  They will also create oxygen as a biproduct, which is vital to all life on our planet.

Trees also play a vital role in capturing rainwater, which reduces the risk of flooding and landslides. Their roots filter the water and remove pollutants that would otherwise damage crop growth and wildlife sustainability. Tree roots also slow down the absorption of water into the soil, meaning crops can survive longer periods with little to no rainfall.

Biodiversity is another incredible benefit that trees provide; a single tree can be home to hundreds of different species of insect, mammals, fungi, and plants. There are thousands of forest animals that require different kinds of food and shelter, and trees provide the bedrock for the ecosystem to grow and thrive. Without them, many species would become extinct. As a result of the trees you helped us plant, they hold the potential to provide vital food and habitat to over 1700 species of birds alone in the area the trees will be planted (See One Tree Planted).

Sustainability is at The Core of FriWite

FriWite was developed with the concept of sustainability at its core, so when you fry with FriWite, you are guaranteed 100% segregated, sustainable Palm Oil certified by the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).

‘Segregated’ is a very important word – it means that certified palm oil is kept separate throughout the supply chain, allowing Friwite to be identified right back to the plantations it grew on.

We, the Q Partnership, aim to be at the forefront of the drive to support the palm oil industry to evolve and strive to have the greatest sustainable impact for the climate. Therefore, when you choose to use FriWite in your business, you can be confident that we audit the supply chain to ensure you can proudly proclaim to your customers that you are frying in palm oil that’s helping to ensure the protection of rainforests and climate alike.

The full supply chain, from growers to your shop, all follow strict standards that have been set out by the RSPO. For more information on the RSPO and what their goals and objectives are, visit

What Does the RSPO do?

The full supply chain, from growers to your shop, all follow strict standards that have been set out by the RSPO.  The RSPO has 3 Impact Goals:

  1. Prosperity: To deliver a competitive, resilient and sustainable sector – Behave ethically and transparently – Operate legally and respect rights – Optimise productivity, efficiency, positive impacts and resilience.

  2. People: Sustainable livelihoods and poverty reduction – Respect community and human rights and deliver benefits – Support smallholder inclusion – Respect workers’ rights and conditions.

  3. Planet: Conserved, protected, and enhanced ecosystems that provide for the next generation – Protect, conserve and enhance ecosystems and the environment.

For more information on the RSPO and what their goals and objectives are, visit

FriWite’s Benefits Don’t Stop at Sustainability

The quality of FriWite isn’t solely derived from its RSPO certified sustainability. It uses carefully selected ingredients to make sure it keeps its quality for as long as possible; the palm oil goes through a refining process that creates a pure and light-coloured fry. FriWite is a 100% vegetable palm oil. Here are some of the reasons to fry in FriWite:

  1. A fully RSPO certified segregated and sustainable palm oil.

  2. A solid 100% vegetable frying palm oil in 12.5kg packs.

  3. Contains no hydrogenated fats.

  4. Has less than 1% trans-fat.

  5. Fries pure and light in colour.

  6. Carefully selected ingredients.

  7. Offers an extended frying life.

Free Point of Sale

Free posters will be provided to any and all customers that contributed to the #WeArePlantingTrees FriWite campaign. If you have not received your poster yet, you can you can contact, or with your account number or shop postcode and we’ll have one sent to you. .

Free point of sale such as an posters and digital assets are also available for FriWite. This can help you clearly display information on FriWite to your shop so that your customers know you’re frying with 100% sustainable palm oil.

Thank You for Your Help with FriWite

Thank you from everyone here at the Q Partnership for your help to plant trees with every purchase of FriWite this September and for your continued support as we strive to be a leading group for sustainability in our industry.

FriWite is exclusively available from the Q Partnership. If you would like further information or would like to try FriWite in your business, contact your Q Partnership supplier.

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