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There’s a guy works down the chip shop swears he’s …….. Sheeran

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Is that Ed frying at Henry’s of Hunstanton?

By Austen Dack

Recently I took an after lockdown trip to Henry’s of Hunstanton to see first hand their brilliant new fish and chip restaurant and try their fish and chips.

The opening of Henry’s of Hunstanton was a dream come true for its owners who have invested around £1 million in the business on The Green in a perfect position overlooking the sea.

I was greeted by owners Ian and Jane Wallis who gave me a tour of the 60 seater restaurant (reduced slightly due to Covid) and the takeaway next door. I was impressed by the way they have listened and learnt from others in the industry, and also their enthusiasm to get things right whether it be ingredients, branding or staff training.

Jane and Ian Wallis, Ed and me

I then went to the engine room to see their range and the team in action.

It was there that the rumour i had heard in the industry was actually found to be true. Ed Sheeran may not be touring due to the pandemic, but it seems he is actually the head of frying at Henry’s and in charge of a gleaming Kiremko frying range.

Immediately the three ladies in our party leapt up to have a picture with Ed, who seemed at home with the attention.

Needless to say the food was excellent ( I had Haddock) and it was followed by a treat next door too!

Read much more of our visit in the September edition (printed and online) of Chippy Chat

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