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The Best Of British! Papas Wins BBC ‘Best of British Takeaways’ And Promises Fish And Chips For 1p!&

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A popular fish and chips chain has promised fish and chips at just 1p for everyone – after winning a new TV competition.

The owners of Papas Fish and Chips restaurant and takeaway who made it to the final three (and then subsequently won) chip shops in a new BBC Two programme which celebrated the nation’s love of a takeaway and sought to find the best ones.

The other two shops were The Hook at Camden, and Field to Frier winner Krispies at Exmouth.

The family-run firm which has restaurants in east Hull and Willerby triumphed on The Best of British Takeaways, which was presented by celebrity chef Tom Kerridge alongside presenter Cherry Healey this evening

Owners Dino Papas and his father Sid Papas, along with their Young Fish Frier of the Year, George Papadamou, have secretly been involved with the show since last summer.  I knew this as I was there the day the BBC were filming (and I got told off too).

“We can finally talk about it now and we are thrilled to be the winners” said Dino.

” Now that we’ve won, we aim to give away 1p fish and chips to celebrate.”

“We will need a week or so now the show has aired to contact our suppliers and prepare, but that’s what we will be busy doing now.”

In May last year the restaurant served 3,000 portions of fish and chips for just 50p to celebrate its 50th birthday by offering the nation’s favourite dish at 1966 prices.  It even caused delays on the roads as thousands of people flocked to the chippy.

The new TV programme features a different takeaway choice in each episode with fish and chips featuring in week one, followed by Chinese and Indian in later weeks.

The BBC team secretly visited dozens of fish and chip takeaways up and down the country before choosing the top 100. Through a series of telephone and on-camera interviews, the top ten were chosen.

Along with Hook, based in Camden in London, and Krispies, based in Exmouth, Papa’s was invited to one of Britain’s oldest fishing ports, Brixham Harbour in Devon, to film a cook-off.

Dino said: “They woke us up at 4am and we were told they were going to film us at a fish market.

“They took us around it first then put a box of fish in front of us and we had to name the species. That was an absolute nightmare because there was fish we had never seen before – in Hull we mainly deal with haddock.

“They then gave us kiosks and we had to cook 50 portions of fish and chips for the general public in the quickest time we could.

“It was the longest two days of my life. It was very intense but we are ecstatic to be a part of it.”

Tom Kerridge and his expert judge, fish restaurateur Mitch Tonks, then decided who made the best takeaway on the day.

Barry Wallace from the Hook Camden said “We couldn’t have been happier when asked to appear on such a great show, so proud. We want to thank all involved and are privileged to be doing something we love for a living as its so important. What else is important is that we look to use lots of other fish species and ease the demand on some of the more popular fish. Our idea to re-imagine fish and chips is working very well and we are gaining new interest all the time. So happy to have be chosen as one of the three best fish and chips restaurants in the country! Huge congrats to the winners”

Tim Barnes from Krispies said we really enjoyed being asked to be part of a national television show, it’s a experience that will stay with us for ever and massive congratulations to the winners.

by Austen Dack

Chippy Chat Magazine

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