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Special Offer For Chippy Chat Readers – Improve Your Food Safety And Get Rid Of Paperwork&#823

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Save 25% off Checkit’s  leading food safety system and make this the month to get rid of food safety paperwork forever!

Offer ends 31st August, so hurry.  For just £149* the offer includes:

–  The Checkit digital handset with EHO approved SFBB checklists all set up and ready to go

–  The incredibly smart Checkit temperature probe

*Your cloud account and automatically created food safety records cost just £19.99 per month and will save you at least a day a month in time and effort.  Request a demo at  or call us on 01223 941450 quoting the offer code CHIPPYCHAT25

Checkit provides a fail-safe cloud-based platform for compliance by automating the scheduling, monitoring and recording of daily checks that are required by the Food Standards Agency and enforced by Environmental Health Officers.

Time-consuming paper-based procedures that are prone to error, time-lags and spoilage are effectively replaced with Checkit’s touchscreen handset, which prompts staff when checks are required and provides simple instructions on what needs to be done. Completed tasks are automatically time-stamped and recorded to a secure Cloud account, from which managers have complete visibility of compliance from a user-friendly dashboard and drill down reports.

Additionally, automated temperature monitoring can be incorporated into the same Checkit system, whereby wireless temperature sensors provide continuous readings from fridges and freezers — even during power cuts. Alerts are generated when any readings fall below the predetermined parameters enabling managers to act fast to avoid food safety issues or food wastage.

As a result of Checkit’s technology, food businesses can manage the completion of safety and hygiene tasks with greater consistency, accuracy and control, making them more efficient and confident of compliance.

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