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Shap-ple Juice!

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New Core Product for Chippy!

Shap Chippy have partnered up with an orchard just 3 miles from their shop to produce an exclusive Apple Juice they have aptly named ‘Shapple Juice’!

Tom and Lauren, Owners of Cumbrian Apple Juice, located in the Eden Valley, opened their doors (well farm gates) to Matt and Ashley, owners of Shap Chippy, to share with their customers how the juice is made.

Tom picks all the apples by hand, presses them in a traditional way and then fills every bottle by hand! Shap chippy have posted a video of the process on their new YouTube channel.

These kinds of partnerships between local business are on the rise and a welcome change in thinking. ‘We should be supporting our local businesses and helping each other out where we can. We always try to use local products and share that information with our customers’ Said Ashley.

‘Our customers love that we source local products and love to know where its come from. We also like doing things a little different so the ‘Shapple Juice’ is right on brand for us and we look forward to doing more things like this in the future’ said Matt

Here is the link to the youtube video highlighting their partnership:

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