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Shap appoints farmer fryer!

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By Austen Dack

Cambridgeshire potato farmer Mark Gilbert contacted me recently after realising he was spending a weeks holiday very close to the UK’s No 2 and award winning fish and chip shop Shap Chippy. As part of the Isle of Ely Produce ‘Field to Frier’ platform, we have taken a few farmers to key shops in order for them both to find out a  little more about their own respective processes.

Matt Phillips and Mark Gilbert Shap Chippy

Mark exchanged details and arrange to meet Matt Phillips (Ashley was out in the Shap Mobile) for a tour of the shop with his family. Mark was keen not only to take a socially distanced tour of the shop but also get behind the fryers himself and actually fry his own dinner!

Mark Gilbert frying his chips

Mark said. “Having heard lots about their shop i was keen to see first hand what it takes to be at the very top of the fish and chip frying industry. The shop and systems in place, particularly after the pandemic are first class. I was pleased to have a go behind the range, but not sure i would actually qualify for a job there anytime soon. Thanks so much to the whole team for inviting us in.”

Matt Phillips co-owner of the Shap Chippy says. ” It was so good to see Cambridgeshire Farmer Mark Gilbert and his family at Shap Chippy. We have visited his Cambridgeshire fields at the Isle of Ely Produce Open Day and know firsthand just how good the potatoes are grown in that area. We both now have a better understanding of each other’s roles.

Together we can fly the flag for the whole from ‘field to frier’ ethos which will ultimately provide us with a better product for our customers.”

If you would like a visit from a farmer please email

Call Isle of Ely Produce on 01353 863355 if you would like to source potatoes from Gilberts farm, or in general.

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