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School Trips to The Fish House For Children To Learn About Sustainable Fishing…

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The Fish Hoose in Thornton, Fife has definitely been the ‘plaice’ to be for some local schools in Central Fife.  Colin Cromar opened the doors to welcome primary school parties to find out what goes on behind the scenes of a busy Fish & Chip Shop.

The children (and their teachers) learnt about Sustainable Fishing, caring for the environment and just how and where fish are caught. The children even had a maths puzzle about how many bags of potatoes it would take to power a single Fryer for an hour (the answer is the potato and starch waste from approx. 10 bags)

Colin had samples of different types of fish available for the children to handle including Plaice, Haddock and Lobster.  For many this was the first time they had been up close with whole fish and proved a real talking point for them.

Each visit was rounded off with a well earned Fish lunch for the young guests.  So far The Fish Hoose has engaged with three schools groups P5 and P6 from St Pauls on Glenrothes and P5 from Coaltown of Balgonie.  There are some more trips planned for the New Year.

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