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Revving up for a fundraising drive – The Italian Job!…

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This October, Terry Larkin, Group General Manager at JJ Food Service will be jumping in his 1986 Mini with best friend Steve Solley, strapping on their seat belts and revving the engine like mad as they set off with up to 100 other like-minded Mini loving souls to embark on the 2017 Italian Job run to Italy!

Terry and Steve have a long standing love affair with the Mini and they are now fundraising for Variety, the Children’s Charity. The tiny wheels of their Mini will spin to raise enough money to help buy a Sunshine Coach and set those much larger wheels spinning. Donations and pledges are being collected from family, friends and online at their dedicated Just Giving page.

They have a target of £1500 to raise and they’re aiming to smash it! You can help them reach their target by donating on the above just giving page or if you wish to have your company logo on a magnetic sticker on the car then any donation over £200 will secure your branding at this event and many other events within the UK.

The annual Italian Job event began in 1990 and has since then raised over £2.5 Million pounds for children’s charities across the UK and in other countries where teams have come from. Their motto has always been Raising money for children in a fun way.

The Italian Job is known as one of the most fun events on the social motoring calendar and celebrated its landmark 25th anniversary in 2014. The Italian Job Minis will not out perform police cars through crowded Italian city centre streets but will take part in a navigational rally, which is designed to take them well and truly off the beaten track. Between them Terry and Steve will be expected to find their way along a pre determined route using no GPS or maps but following a set of hand drawn instructions called Tulip Designs laid out in a road book.

Terry and Steve are looking forward to this Italian adventure and are keen to ensure that their Mini performs as well as possible during the navigational rally. More importantly though, they want to ensure the success of the fundraising part of the event, so that many young people can in turn benefit from their participation.

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