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Pukka Pies Announces Brand Refresh Across Fish and Chip Shops…

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The nation’s favourite pie brand1 Pukka Pies, today announces the roll out of an impactful new brand mark and completely new point of sale for fish and chip shops and the wider eating out market. The move aims to bring more consumers into fish and chip shops and broaden the appeal of PUKKA amongst a diverse audience to encourage more people to eat pies more often. 

Whilst remaining true to PUKKA’s confident, bold feel and instantly recognisable orange, black and white lozenge, the new brand mark has been modernised with more contemporary brand colours and fonts. Moving from black to charcoal, white to cream and neon orange to a warm, natural orange adds a more modern, more unisex and more ‘foodie’ feel. Further, introducing a crafted pie within the ‘A’ adds a subtle link back to the brand’s heritage and reasserts PUKKA as quality pie makers.

The update has been made following extensive research with fish and chip shops, distributors and consumers which showed that the brand refresh was welcomed, had excellent appeal and was a significant step change for the brand. The new look was praised for giving a sense of PUKKA’s good quality products and indicating a modern, up-to-date brand. 

Although in positive sales growth at +0.9% the UK fish and chip shop market is performing below the market average of 3.3%2. There is an opportunity to change the sector in order to grow in line with the market and, as the nation’s favourite fish and chip shop pie brand, PUKKA is best placed to drive this growth. 

Expansion in the eating out market currently stems from outlets that are capitalising on the trend towards a more premium value offering targeting younger audiences. It is this learning which has influenced PUKKA’s decision to make the brand mark more modern, more unisex, more ‘foodie’ and with stronger quality cues. 

PUKKA’s Director Tim Storer spoke of the changes, “Ever since my father first started trading as Trevor Storer’s Homemade Pies 50 years ago, fish and chip shops and eating out venues have been  – and always will be – the heartland of our business. But, like any competitive company we also need to be responsive and nimble, and not sit still. We hope the new brand proposition for our foodservice partners helps attract a wider consumer base, as we know that there is room to grow the category, and in turn increase sales and profits for our valued customers.”

‘Pies’ has been removed from the new PUKKA brand mark to future-proof for potential range diversification. However, after learning that fish and chip shops didn’t want to lose the word ‘pies’ from their shop signage and POS, PUKKA developed a secondary brand mark to be used specifically for signage and POS items.  

This new range of modernised point of sale includes illuminated signs, pavement signs, A2 posters, wobblers and door signs and is focused on communicating that PUKKA makes you ‘feel good inside’ and has a range of high quality, deliciously tasty pies. 

The new branding brings PUKKA’s eating out offering in line with its updated Grocery channels, in which the refresh and rollout was tested before being brought to the wider market. The refresh in Grocery saw 765,0003 new households brought into the PUKKA brand, an ambition which PUKKA aims to realise across foodservice channels.

Customers who wish to access the new PUKKA branding can download assets and order POS material from or phone  0116 3800 743.

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