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Oil together Now!

Oil Chef and T.Quality Ltd come together as exclusive supply partners in the UK Foodservice market.

As the exclusive supply partner for OiLChef, T.Quality brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in distributing  within the foodservice market. This partnership will enable OiLChef to reach a wider customer base and provide them with its unique deep fryer accessories that help reduce waste, environmental impact, and operational costs.

OiLChef is renowned for its range of deep fryer accessories that have been specifically designed to reduce waste, environmental impact, and costs associated with deep frying. By incorporating these accessories into commercial kitchens, operators can enjoy healthier, tastier food products while also reducing their carbon footprint and reducing their food cook times.

"We are thrilled to partner with T.Quality," said Sean Farry OiLChef's CEO . "Our deep fryer accessories have been a game-changer for foodservice operators, enabling them to produce delicious healthier deep-fried food while minimizing their environmental impact. Our OiLChef is an industry disruptor and and this partnership with T.Quality will help us reach more operators and provide them with the solutions they need to maximise food quality and operational efficiencies , while reducing costs, waste, time and energy."

T.Quality, is excited to add OiLChef to its portfolio of offerings. "OiLChef's deep fryer accessories align perfectly with our commitment to sustainability and innovation. The supply partnership with OiLChef further demonstrates T.Quality's commitment to extending its services to all foodservice sectors. Through our partnerships with Uropa, Hopkins, and Johnson Reed, we now offer our range of over 3000 catering equipment products, fish and chip equipment, and finance." said Sean Savage, T.Quality Sales & Marketing Director. "We look forward to working closely with OiLChef to bring these innovative accessories to a wider audience."

To learn more about OiLChef's deep fryer accessories and how they can benefit your food service business, please visit


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