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Erling Braut Haaland will front Norwegian seafood all over the world


Erling Braut Haaland has entered into an agreement with the Norwegian Seafood Council. The football star thus becomes an ambassador for Norwegian seafood - via "Seafood from Norway" and "Godfisk". The Manchester City star has scored 54 goals in 58 appearances for the club, and 27 goals in 29 appearances fo rthe Norwegian national side, and is one ofthe most famous and wanted footballers on the planet!

"Seafood has been part of my diet growing up. Norwegian seafood, which I consider to be the best in the world, still has a natural place in my life. The Norwegian Seafood Council does an important job of inspiring and building knowledge about good and healthy seafood globally and at home in Norway. Therefore, it is completely natural for me to enter into this collaboration" says Erling Braut Haaland.

"On behalf of all Norwegian seafood, "Seafood from Norway" and "Godfisk", we are enormously proud to announce our collaboration with Haaland" says CEO of Norway's Seafood Council, Christian Chramer.

A perfect match

"Haaland is recognized as one of the world's best footballers and is a gigantic profile with unrivaled global visibility. The match with Norwegian seafood, which is in demand, bought and enjoyed all over the globe, is obvious. Being able to combine two of Norway's best exports and strongest brands fills us with enormous pride" Chramer continues.

The partnership resonates in a number of areas: A joint commitment to strive for the best in their respective fields, the value of a healthy and sustainable diet - and the joy of good seafood. Haaland will, among other things, adorn advertising posters, digital ads and appear in commercials all over the world as part of the collaboration.

National Pride

Through a separate agreement, Norway's two national teams, both on the women's and men's sides, will join forces to promote the rich selection of seafood we have to offer.

"We are very happy to have the national teams with us. This is a team effort, and we like to say that we work with the national team jersey on when we represent Norwegian seafood around the world. Now the whole seafood industry stands together with our renowned athletes in this hugely exciting time ahead" says Chramer.

"We look forward to a good and exciting collaboration with the Norwegian Football Association (NFF), which has made it possible for all the players in this tripartite collaboration to get value from this agreement. They have been a success factor so that we, who represent the entire Norwegian seafood industry, could find a solution that works brilliantly for us, for the association and for Haaland " says Camilla Beck, marketing director at the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Proud ambassadors

"The NFF and our clubs are already positive contributors to public health in Norway with the enormous activity we stand for. Promoting healthy, Norwegian seafood products therefore fits perfectly into this picture. Our national team stars are role models, and we know that they are concerned with activity, diet and nutrition. They will become proud ambassadors for Godfisk in Norway and hopefully help to make even more people open their eyes to good fish products" says Runar Pahr Andresen, marketing director of the Norwegian Football Association.

Norwegian seafood in numbers

  • Norway is the world's largest net exporter of seafood, with a volume equivalent to around 39 million meals a day. In 2023, Norway exported seafood to 153 markets globally, with over 60 different species.

  • Norway's Seafood Council is a state-owned company under the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries. The Seafood Council works to increase the value of Norwegian seafood through increased demand for and knowledge about seafood. In Norway, the mission is to contribute to more people eating seafood.

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