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New Benchmark – Plus FREE Sarson’s 20L box offer!

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]A New Benchmark Within the Industry – plus get your FREE Sarson’s 20l box* 

By Bryan Carroll, Sarson’s Sales and Marketing Director

The National Federation of Fish Friers’ (NFFF) newly launched Quality Accreditation Scheme, which replaces the NFFF’s Quality Award, sets out to identify fish and chip shops who operate to the highest standards including the quality and taste of the food prepared, the levels of hygiene upheld and the shop’s presentation. 

In a year that’s flipped all senses of the word ‘normality’ and consumers understandably wary of the impact of COVID-19, building trust with customers has never been more important. That’s where the Quality Accreditation really comes into its own and why Sarson’s are so dedicated in its support of the scheme. The iconic award is the highest accolade for chippies to obtain and an instantly recognisable sign for customers of a quality establishment.

Sarson’s Commitment to Quality

Throughout Sarson’s rich history, the fish and chip sector has always held a unique place in its heart. Vinegar is, after all, synonymous with chippies and Sarson’s owes its distinctive flavour to a unique seven-day craft brewing process – a time honoured 200-year-old technique that sets it apart from non-brewed products.  

We’ve always placed pride in the fact that we listen and respond to operators’ demands – relaunching our 7g sachets at the height of the COVID-19 crisis is testament to this. 

At Sarson’s, it’s always been about providing the sector with what it needs most and our endorsement of the QA scheme is part of this ongoing commitment to support fish and chip shops and the real value they bring to British life.

The Official Guide to the UK’s Quality Fish & Chip Shops

Later this year, the NFFF will publish its hotly anticipated Official Guide to the UK’s Quality Fish & Chip shops 2021-2022 edition, featuring this year’s Quality Accredited outlets. The guide is widely considered the fish & chip equivalent to the Michelin Star Guide with inclusion a coveted honour for any establishment. 

Every site listed has met the NFFF’s exacting standards to achieve a Quality Accreditation, demonstrating superior premise management, high quality food offerings and second to none hygiene standards. The guide also provides an in-depth look into each site’s additional attributes including its disabled accessibility, payment options and the dietary requirements it can accommodate for.

The guide, like the award itself, is proudly sponsored by Sarson’s and will be an essential handbook for any fish ‘n’ chip devotee. Sarson’s unique status within the industry as a benchmark for quality, combined with its reputation as a consumer favourite is crucial for promoting the guide to a wide audience. Sarsons is already a well-loved brand in the consumer sphere with research uncovering that 9 out of 10 customers would prefer their chips to be sprinkled with Sarson’s rather than a non-brewed condiment (NBC)². With that in mind, we’re perfectly positioned to use our influence with consumers; promoting the guide and educating them on its worth.

If you would like your fish & chip to try Sarson’s* and would like to request a free sample of 20ltr Bag in Box Sarson’s Malt Vinegar and a POS kit click  here

¹ NDP Group insight, November 2020  

² Independent consumer insight Toluna June 2019, sample 504 consumers.

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