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Mugs Away for Sagitta!

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Get your hands on a #supersagitta mug

Many of you are frying Sagitta at the moment and our friends at HZPC have come up with a fantastic giveaway to reward you for choosing their potatoes. At the recent Isle of Ely Produce farmers, suppliers and friers were all keen to get their hands on a mug.

Already the owners of both Burton Road Chippy and the Fiddlers Elbow have been successful in getting hold of this must have item and are happy with their prize!

Lesley Graves co-owner of Burton Road Chippy said. ” We have been frying some Sagitta recently, and as usual they are very good. They produce a lovely golden chip and the fry is lovely. We were pleased to receive our mug and will look after it. We were the first shop to get one.”

If you would like to get a #supersagitta mug, all you need to do is to follow Sagitta on Twitter .Then post a picture on the page of you frying Sagitta in your shop.

The best ones will get a mug. *

*Mugs will be limited in number and available whilst stocks last.

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