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Leinebris – The Choice of Champions!

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By Austen Dack

Leinebris is a Norwegian family company which owns and operate one of the world’s most modern longliners. All year around the vessel catches quality wild fish, producing premium fillets in the top modern onboard factory. As fifth generation fishermen they are passionate about longline fishery and the fresh frozen at sea (FAS) concept that ensures a quality and consistency of the absolute highest standard.

The MS Leinebris is a Norwegian fishing vessel which supplies the UK with premium line caught Cod and Haddock direct from the Barents Sea with MSC certification. All year round they catch quality MSC certified wild fish in the cold and clear Northeast Atlantic.

The MS Leinebris uses the very best equipment, technology and facilities to ensure the fish is treated in the best possible way from catch to frozen to -18 degrees within three hours. This ensures the quality of the fish is locked in and is ‘fresher than fresh’.

“As a Norwegian family business with a heritage going back to 1898 I can say that we’re honoured to be associated with the UK’s Fish & Chip industry” said Daniel Harbo Pinheiro.

David Miller of Millers of Haxby said “The whole team from the owners, skippers and crew are so passionate and care so much about what they do in the way they fish sustainably but ultimately they are extremely proud of the product they produce and they are great supporters of the fish and chip industry and they take the time to get to know their customers.”

Longline fishing gives a unique quality, whiter than snow, firm texture, fresher than fresh Frozen at Sea fillet. Leinebris is proud to be MSC certified. All the Cod and Haddock from the Barents Sea is MSC certified. Longline fishing is an environmentally friendly and sustainable catching method.

This month we ask the last three latest winners of the blue riband Seafish Fish and Chip Shop of the Year Award Krispies of Exmouth, Millers of Haxby, and Kingfishers of Plympton six questions about Leinebris. Here are some of their answers. 

Why did you start using the brand?

David Miller – Millers, Haxby

I first met Paul and Daniel from the Leinebris, when I went out to Norway on a study trip with the top 10 Finalist for the 2017 National Fish & Chip Awards. As soon as I met them.

I knew I wanted to use their fish. So, we as a family went out to Norway to meet up with Paul and Daniel again to see if we could do business and I’m very glad to say, we’ve been using the Leinebris line caught haddock since 2017.

Why did you start using the brand?

Craig Maw – Kingfishers, Plympton

As part of being a top 10 finalist in the National Fish & chip Awards we had the privilege of a study trip to Norway. Nikki was onboard the vessel Leinebris and was very impressed with the quality and method of capture. We want to use sustainable and MSC certified seafood which is very important to us.

What do they think about the quality?

Tim Barnes – Krispies, Exmouth

In our opinion it’s the best on the market from its sweet flavour, to the consistency of the product we have never had a bad batch. We sell so much more haddock since we’ve been using the Leinebris brand.

In which ways does it stand out?

David Miller – Millers, Haxby

The fish is such an excellent consistent product, white like snow when you’re working with it and when it’s cooked. But the way it really stands out is when our customers say I haven’t tasted fish like that for years, that’s the money for us. What more would you want?

What do they think about the packaging?

Craig Maw – Kingfishers, Plympton

In our shop we purposely chose lime green packaging, firstly to conjure up a fresh image and feel, but also to try stand out from the crowd and to be different.  The Leinebris branding is very similar plus there is a sense of quality when you see the brand and packaging.  

What do they think about them as a company, as people, as suppliers to the fish and chip trade?

Tim Barnes – Krispies, Exmouth

They are just a beautiful family, I’ve met them a few times and love that they are just as passionate about the industry as we are as friers, they understand the need for a high end quality product and never fail to deliver. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″ el_class=”sticky-container”][mnky_ads id=”3659″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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