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Kingfisher Fish and Chips could soon have another accolade – Michelin star…!

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Kingfisher Fish and Chips looks unassuming as you go inside from a car park in a suburb of Plymouth.  But its tasty, sustainable menu designed by owners Craig Maw and partner Nikki Mutton has been a local secret for a long time now.

They’ve now hit the bigtime after winning the the award for best chip shop in the UK last week, and it has put them on the radar of inspectors from Michelin.

‘We are aware of this establishment and our inspectors are taking it into consideration when they visit Plymouth,’ Michelin said.

Customers have the option of traditional fish and chips, obviously, but can also have lobster for £15.  The takeaway offers thirteen different kinds of fish, ranging from traditional cod and haddock to local Cornish hake, sardine fish cakes and lobster.  They even commission their own tomato ketchup, also produced locally.  A large cod and chips comes in at £8.55. Jumbo battered sausages are £1.75 steak and kidney pies £2.50, pea fritters £1.45 and pickled eggs 60p each.

They make their own relishes in the kitchen in Plympton, Devon, and peel and prep their own chips just before they’re put in the fryer.  Owner Craig said: ‘Neither of us have ever eaten in a Michelin starred restaurant but we’re delighted Michelin are considering us. ‘Perhaps it’s about time the fish and chip industry got this level of recognition, many of us have balanced being a traditional chippy with modernising our menus, you don’t just get cod and addock now.  Demand for different species of fish means that many chip shops are serving exquisite dishes, and we are known for our lobster and chips.’

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