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How Independent Takeaways Can Compete With Chains…

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Fast food chain restaurants have been gathering steam since the 1920s, when they became a staple of Americana, and since then, they have only gone on to dominate the high streets and shopping centres of the world. However, even the big players have been facing struggles in recent times. Since its reign in the ‘70s, Wimpy Burger’s portfolio of 500+ UK locations has withered down to just 80, while Burger King was said last year to be facing “cash flow issues”, and multiple branches of KFC have been permanently closed around the UK recently, with “commercial reasons” cited as the reason.

Meanwhile, independent fast food restaurants have been on the rise, with data finding 4000 such locations had appeared between 2014 and 2017. But facing the challenges of ever-rising premises, operational and produce costs, independent restaurants are facing an uphill struggle. So what can be done to counter the ever-rising costs of running an independent takeaway?

The first step independents should do is look at their existing model, and considering where corners could be cut. Given that most takeaways do not have to accommodate diners eating on the premises, shops do not have to be quite so large as their eat-in counterparts, and so moving to smaller premises could be a good way to lower month-to-month expenses. From here, the other obvious area that could save money is produce and ingredients.

Assessing how competitive a supplier’s rates are can be difficult for independent restaurant owners, and even looking into alternative suppliers can be a time-consuming and not entirely fruitful endeavour. GoKart is an innovative application designed with independent restaurants in mind, that combines human interaction with user-friendly technology to deliver quick, simple service at the lowest rates available.

The app provides an easy to use hub for all ordering activity. With the tap of a button, the user can see their order history, list their favourite products, explore prices and suppliers, and schedule free next day delivery. Should any problems or queries arise, the assistance of advisors is just a phone call away. By combining the best of app technology and human assistance, restauranteurs can be sure they are getting the best deals, and keeping their operational costs to a minimum.

I am passionate about independent restaurants thriving and being given the tools they need to make their businesses work. With the continuing reign of the independent takeaway, it is the perfect time for operators to take full control of their costs, and make 2018 the time that their business model will be perfected.

by Anx Patel

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