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How Do You Eat Yours? Brits Reveal Their Favourite Fish ‘n’ Chip Trimmings!…

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To celebrate National Fish and Chip day on June 2nd – Wren Kitchens separate the curry sauce capital from the ketchup kings – Classic salt and vinegar still the nations fish and chip favourites

As a nation, we spend £1.2bn* on fish and chips every year, making our way through 382 million portions.

June 2 marks the annual celebration of the humble fish and chips, and in honour, Wren Kitchens have surveyed Brits up and down the country to discover the ultimate combination.

As a nation, the findings reveal the classic salt (37%) and vinegar (41%) is the perfect start to the dish; with a generous helping of mushy peas (28%), a dollop of tomato ketchup (25%) and a side of bread and butter (23%). Of course, there was no debate between chunky (19%) or thin (4%) chips!

With 10,500 fish and chip shops up and down the country, the perfect accompaniments to our national dish vary from the weird to the wonderful.

Although it’s a clear favourite by all, the study suggests Wales are the biggest fans of a vinegar soaked fish and chip with the South East accustomed to a salty supper.

While legend would have you believe Northerners can’t sit down to eat without a tankard of gravy, Yorkshire is in fact the curry sauce capital of the UK, with a “cuppa” being the worthy winner for those in the North East and mushy peas for the North West.

Southerners on the other hand are king of the condiments, with Londoners sticking to ketchup and those in the South West partial to a side of tartar.

But it’s the Scots that have really made the fish and chip dinner their own, with a side that no-one but them seems to have knowledge of. Scotland is the chippy sauce capital of the UK with 1 in 5 Edinburgh respondents saying it is the perfect pairing (washed down with an Irn-Bru of course!).

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