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Hot News! The UK’s Dearest Ice Creams!

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The Ice Cream and Artisan Food Show 2022 (8-10 Feb, Harrogate) surveyed UK ice cream parlours to ascertain the prices of quality ice creams around the country. East Anglia came out most expensive at £4.50 for two scoops of vanilla ice cream, whilst the Midlands was revealed to be the cheapest at £2.00.

In Scotland it was £3.30, Wales £3.20, the South £3.15, the North East £2.98 and in the North west it was £2.50.

61% of respondents had raised their prices in the last 12 months due to increased ingredients costs (95%)*, increased staffing costs (89%)*, and increased rents (10%)*. Some parlours also raised their prices to try and recoup losses sustained during the pandemic (10%).* Even many of those who had not yet raised prices were expecting to do so soon.

“The last two years have been tough for the hospitality sector, and ice cream businesses are no exception,” explained Ice Cream and Artisan Food Show and Ice Cream Alliance CEO, Zelica Carr. “They are now being hit by a variety of increased costs some of which are having to be passed on to consumers. But our Ice Cream and Artisan Food Show will be the perfect place for the industry to regroup and start its recovery.”

450 members of the Ice Cream Alliance (ICA), the UK trade association for the ice cream sector, was surveyed in December 2021, asking for the price of two scoops of vanilla served in a tub.

The ICA organises the only UK trade show dedicated to the ice cream sector (and associated artisan food products) – The Ice Cream and Artisan Food Show. After the pandemic caused the Show to be cancelled last year, it is back bigger and better for 2022. It is being held at the Yorkshire Event Centre, Harrogate from 8th – 10th February 2022.

The Show is free to the trade if you register before 22 January (£10 + booking fee for everyone that registers after that date). Children under 12 go free – and are very welcome. The Show will be Covid secure asking visitors and exhibitors to follow current safety guidelines.

For further information on the Show or to pre-register visit and follow the links.

*Respondents were able to select multiple reasons for their price increases and were surveyed in December 2021.

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