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Have you WON £2,000?

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Still time to find a lucky ticket!

Nortech Foods Ltd has extended its holiday giveaway, aptly titled “A Plaice in the Sun” after the last two prizes remain unclaimed. The competition will now run until 31st December 2022 – to give fish and chip shop owners the chance to find the remaining prizes.

The giveaway was originally launched in Summer 2022 to show support for fish and chip shops across the UK by giving three businesses the chance to win a holiday after what has been a challenging few years for the industry.

Nortech hid three separate tickets – bronze, silver, and gold – in boxes of Superior Frying Fat, their popular refined and deodorised beef dripping product. Each ticket is tied to a special holiday prize, with entitles the finder to a TUI holiday of the value printed on the ticket.

Whilst one lucky business has claimed the silver winning ticket for a £1000 holiday, two remain unclaimed, including the £2000 golden ticket. Nortech Foods hopes that by extending the competition, the winners will come forward.

Commenting on the decision, Leanne Green, Sales and Commerical Manager at Nortech Foods said:

We are passionate about supporting the fish and chip industry – and A Plaice in the Sun is the perfect way to give back to the businesses that have and continue to work through difficult times.”

We’re determined to find more winners, so we’re urging all of our customers who have purchased boxes of Superior Frying Fat to thoroughly check the packaging for the remaining tickets. If by the end of the year they haven’t made an appearance, we will make sure they don’t go to waste by using them for something else. Watch this space!”

A Plaice in the Sun will now run until 31st December 2022. Superior customers should check inside the box to see whether they have been successful. Each ticket will contain information about the prize, including details on how to claim it.

Full terms and conditions can be found at

Recognised for its premium quality and performance, Superior Frying Fat is one of Nortech’s best-known brands. Made from 100% natural British beef dripping, Superior has the advantages of being low in trans fats and non-hydrogenated, which enables fryers to quickly and easily serve up great tasting food that hasn’t been compromised by the substance it is cooked in.

With years of experience in the industry, Nortech understands its customer’s needs in delivering quality products, services and value and is a company associated with trust and reliability. The company has also invested heavily in its vegetable oil packing facilities and increasing its portfolio of sustainable palm, HPKO, Sustainable Shortening and Coconut Fats.

To find out more about Nortech Foods Ltd and Superior Frying Fat, please visit: Nortech Foods

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