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Hans for the Memories!

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Hans calls time on NSC

Around 30% of the UK’s cod, much of which is supplied to the UK’s fish and chip industry, comes from Norway. The Scandinavian country is one of the major suppliers of sustainable cod to the UK and has been trading frozen-at-sea produce with us for over 70 years.

In September 2017 Hans Frode Kielland Asmyhr was appointed the country representative for the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) in the UK. It was important for the Norwegian Seafood Council to follow the Brexit process and what consequences it may have for Norwegian seafood exports to the UK and the EU. Hans Frode has considerable knowledge of the UK and EU questions in general, and combined with his strong communication skills, he would further help position the NSC on behalf of the Norwegian seafood industry.

He had a background in PR and politics, an important contribution to look to increase both market share and preference of Norwegian seafood in the UK.

He was also MP for the Progress Party in Norway, including as a member of the standing committee for business and industry. He holds a degree in law from the University of Oslo.

Now it is time to say farewell to Hans and say thanks to him for his tireless work. It is five years that has flown by (despite the pandemic) and seen Hans throw himself into our industry and help excel the positives of our great trade. 

Most people in the position Hans held would look to agencies to both create & initiate strategy. Whilst to some extent this is true the level at which he got involved to make sure they were a success is to be commended. He attended most industry open days, events and also ate at many fish & chip shops across the UK. Last year we attended Miller’s at Haxby together for National Fish & Chip Day promoting Norwegian FAS cod & haddock & a new breed of chipping potatoes, Babylon. 

Also a keen farmer Hans loved his visits to the Fens for the Isle of Ely Produce Open Day and knew the importance of great chipping potatoes to be served alongside his nation’s catch. He also gave us here at Chippy Chat brilliant support over the years. Whether it be a front-page scoop, or a place at our Chippy Chat Ball, Hans would always be there. 

Perhaps my fondest memory with him will always be my second trip to Norway in October 2019. Hans and the team at Norway invited both myself and NFFF Prsident Andrew Crook to go along with the top ten fish & chip shops for the 2020 awards. 

On the second day Granit had silently cruised into the moorings adjacent to the hotel. Named Granit after the solid Norwegian rock, it is closely related to the forces of nature. As of today, it is still one of the largest vessels of its kind in Norway (over 80 metres). It is owned by Halstensen who were founded in 1897. Granit owner Inge Halstensen was waiting to greet us on deck!

Within a couple of hours of leaving Alesund we were cruising through the Fjords. No signs of the rough seas of 2016 (previous top ten trip), mother nature was behaving herself and putting on an imposing show for us. Think of Norway’s fjords as main roads with side streets and narrow back alleys – a bit like the canals of Venice gone XXL. 

All too soon our trip was at an end. In a couple of days, we had learnt so much. The care, attention, investment, environment, and the passion are what makes Seafood from Norway so good, and why they are proud to deliver their fish to the UK fish and chip market.

Thanks again to Hans, and the owners and crew of Granit for a great trip, fantastic hospitality and sharing your knowledge and country with us.

Since he has been here Hans has also built upon his love for the late great Sir Winston Churchill. He is an active member of the International Churchill Society. Like his hero he is great with words and suffer fools gladly!

So long Hans and thanks for the memories!

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